I do not want to leave out fine actresses of a certain age whom I would love to see in a film with Richard. No, not necessarily in a romantic way; but I am sure plenty of other women of a certain age wouldn’t mind the tables being turned for once.  😉   After all, leading men are all too often decades older than their co-stars . . .  what I am truly interested in is the intelligence, wisdom and class these ladies bring to a project.

Helen Mirren, a glorious dame who has played both Queen Elizabeths.

Dame Judi Dench, who has played everything from the sitcoms to M.

These ladies are all great talents who are aging gracefully (i.e.,  without loads of plastic surgery) and I love reading/seeing their interviews.  Like RA, they are all true class acts.

Most recently "The Iron Lady" and Queen of Accents, Meryl Streep.

Let’s hear it for the dames (and iron ladies) . . .

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  1. Hooray for the the “grande dames” of cinema! Fingers crossed Richard will have the chance to work with one or all of them in the future! I love these three actresses! I remember one made for TV film in which Dame Helen had a much younger lover. It was called “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone” and the young lover was played by Olivier Martinez. (had to look up the title and co-star as I only remembered the “young lover” bit 🙂 ) She was great in it, very powerful and convincing.

    • She’s wonderful. I remember watching Prime Suspect and appreciating not only how good her performance was, but also how she was willing to be filmed with little makeup, lank hair and looking tired just as a real police detective might look when spending hour after hour trying to pursue all the avenues and solve a murder.
      She can still play sezy and glamourous and pull it off well but she can also be the polar opposite.

    • Oh, yes, I’d almost forgotten that film! I really liked that one, too!

      I want a Toy Boy who looks,and thinks and acts as Richard does! I’m not asking for much, am i? ROFL my stupid head off!

      I gave up on men years ago and I’ve never been sexually attracted to women so I’m not seriously looking for a partner…………


      oh, to dance again would be simply sublime!

      And, as for a hug…………….

      No, I’m not going to think about it! I just might start to feel sorry for myself and that’s bloody pointless and depressing.

      I’ll have to take up Line Dancing again ….or….. zumba…….or…….Bollywood dancing!!!

      Yeah, Asha (aged 4) said last Saturday that she would like to learn to dance like an Indian girl! I wonder where I could find a class for grandmothers and granddaughters to attend together in Canberra on a weekend? Lachlan (aged 2) would probably want to come with us, too! He keeps asking for Xbox dancing!

      • Zumba is great, Kathryngaul, and you don’t need a partner for it! (which is important for me, being single) I love latin music and the steps are relatively easy to learn! 🙂 You should try it! In my class there used to be women of all shapes, sizes, ages! It was great fun!!!

      • Zumba is a mix of all kinds of dance including latin and Bollywood, and it’s great fun kathryn, as well as being a fabulous workout. There are women of all ages and shapes and sizes in my class.

      • I repeat, lots of good roles to be had in the Richard III project. You’ve got Queen Margaret (the b***h), Elizabeth Woodville, Cecily Neville (Richard III’s mum) — all in the range of the ladies shown. Then there are the roles for younger women, too.

  2. I would love to see Richard in something with one of these wonderful classy women, especially if it was to do with the Richard III project.

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