Which former female co-star would you most like to see reunited with Richard onscreen?


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      • OK, I voted for Daniela, because of the extraordinary and so far unsurpassed chemistry between the two of them! My 2nd choice is Dawn because it would be great fun to see a VoD reunion, plus RA said he’d like to do more comedy, and it would be lovely to see Harry and Gerri’s children. My 3rd choice is Lucy because I’d like to see her share a proper kiss with Richard. I know, it’s very shallow of me, but there you go. 🙂

  1. This was a tough call. I voted for Dawn simply because I would really love to see a VoD sequel, but Hermione comes in at a very, very close second. I loved the partnership between Lucas and Ros, and am keen to see her and Richard in something else.

    • It is a hard decision for me as well. I included Hermione because even though their relationship on Spooks was not as man and wife or a romance, I loved, loved, loved the chemistry RA had with Hermione as Lucas and Ros. And she called him “sublime” so she obviously has the Good Taste Gene. 😉

  2. Hi, Ladies…I voted for Sarah Smart as nobody else had and I couldn’t bear to see her left out! Sarah is a very good actress and I’ve always liked her in the several television shows I’ve seen her in.

    I wish I could have voted for them all as I like all of them fairly equally!

    • Glad to see Sarah get some love. I have liked her ever since seeing her in At Home for the Breathwaites. As I said, I haven’t been able to vote yet, can’t make up my mind.

  3. I voted for Dawn because I think he had a wonderful time laughing while making VoD. I want to see him laugh more in his roles. I do think that Hermione is a close second. This was a great Poll. It really made me think!! Thanks!

    • No worries, Heather. One of the great things about this being my own blog is–I can edit my comments! And frequently have to for typos, leaving out words and so forth. 😉

  4. Again, you offer tough choices. Yet the chemistry between Richard and Daniella really worked, and I haven’t seen her in anything since N&S.

    • The only thing I recall seeing her in since N&S was an episode of Torchwood in which she played this seductive alien who has a brief affair with Tosh. I did not even recognise her at first, although the voice was vaguely familiar. Her hair was blonde and shortish, she was in full makeup and quite thin. Then it dawned on me it was DDA.

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