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I’m Just Crazy about Thorin . . . more pix. More thoughts.


This is the screencap that I was reminded of when I saw "Thorin" by the helicopter. A strong resemblance, no?

In that photo of him playing tourist, I have decided I would know that hand anywhere. And it was obviously his REAL hand, and not the stubby prosthetic fingers we usually see. Did he email the photo back home to family and friends, along with a note?
“Look at this gorgeous scenery. I can’t believe I am really here. Staying busy, working hard–and having a great time.”

I love this glimpse of RA as "tourist," taking photos of the beautiful scenery, I find myself digging the ponytail.

This stance reminds of some of my screencaps of Guy. It’s good to see him looking so fit.

I wanna touch you . . . “Fantasy”


Hello, ladies . . . resting comfortably?

One of my personal favorites out of my 100-plus slideshow vids. Love Def Leppard, love the images, love the SFX, love the TDHBEW.

“I’m in love, I’m in love, Gotta a photograph picture of . . .”

Got to grab some ZZZZZs. I will be offblog for a while today as I have novel and Fanstravaganza writing to do but I will check in. Have fun, boys and girls!

That first touch . . . Thornton for Thursday


He greets her, a warmth in his blue eyes beneath those bold dark brows, and in his voice, deep and velvety.

He prepares to take her hand, a soft smile crossing his handsome face.
A firm grasp, his broad hand with its long, elegant fingers clasping hers
Even after the handshake ends, the fingers linger, grazing each other lightly. Sparks fly . . .

Dear Sir Peter . . . Having Armitage Withdrawals. Send help soon.


Dear Sir Peter,

We were all awfully glad to hear another video blog entry is arriving soon. The fact is, we are all going a little Armitage drought-stir crazy. We are perusing his pics until our eyes cross, wearing out our DVDs, daydreaming about possible future roles, visiting the blogs constantly in hopes something new has popped up.  What do we need? Armitage. When do we need him? NOW.

So the sooner the better for that vlog, dear fellow. How many days is it now before the premiere?



Thorin, ride on in to see us, you hear?

An admirer and RA fanatic

Musical Armitage daydreams


Richard is not unlike the Pied Piper. He can play his tune and I would follow him anywhere . . .

A photo manip--the closest thing we have so far to seeing Richard play the cello.

The Singing Dwart King. Thorin leads his fellow dwarfs in the Misty Mountain song.

Richard appears to be playing air guitar as he rocks out as "My Celebrity Boyfriend's" Liza Frank sings.

We know that our Richard is something of a Renaissance man. Not only can he act and dance, he can also sing a treat and play at least a couple of instruments (the cello and the flute). Because music means so much to me, I find myself daydreaming about Musical Armitage from time to time . . . wondering what songs he listens to on his iPod when he runs, speculating about the songs he sings in the shower (he just seems like the kind of guy who would sing in the shower),pondering what his favorite compositions to play on his cello and his flute would be.

One of my personal fantasties involves bundling up on a winter’s evening and crunching through powdery snow to go Christmas caroling with Mr. A. I haven’t been caroling in quite a while and I dearly love to do so. The likelihood of snow here at Christmas is pretty much nil, so this is definitely a dream. But I think it would be so much fun!

Another daydream is, as it is for so many, to see and hear Richard play the cello. It’s such a beautiful, expressive instrument–not unlike RA–and imagining that cello resting between those muscular thighs, his elegant musician’s hands fingering the strings as he draws the bow across them, a smile playing about his lips, an intensity in his eyes . . .

Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing him playing the flute, either, another favorite instrument and another opportunity to watch those expressive, artistic hands at work. Play me your tune, Richard, and I will follow you wherever you go. *sigh*

(artwork courtesy of RANet (screencap) Google Images and Wikipedia)