Remember I promised more hair? Well “hair” it is!


21,047 hits. 183 posts. 3,386 comments. 50 blog and comment followers. That’s what’s happened here since late night, February 2 when I established The Armitage Effect.  Thanks, everyone.

Here is a little “thank you” present to all of you, showcasing our favorite hirsute alpha dwarf.  Enjoy!!
“Show it! Long as I can grow it, my hair.” 😀


About fedoralady

I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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    • I think I was up until 3 or 4 before I finally packed it in. I did most of the work today . . . the uploading and converting to Vimeo took several hours. My internet is semi-high speed 😉 and the file was a large one. But I was quite pleased. I was looking at all the screencaps yesterday and suddenly “Hair” popped into my head. I knew I had to make the video. 😀

  1. OMG this is hilarious. “I am just a hairy guy!” When in reference to RA and Thorin, it is a complete turn on. lol

    • 😀 I am glad you like. It did turn out rather nicely, I thought. I’ve been wanting to do some sort of Thorin vid but I needed a bit more material, and seeing Richard trying to control his mane 😉 was just what I needed to inspire me! 😀

    • Glad you enjoyed it. 😀 I will try to post it to YT tomorrow. There’s the chance the song might be blocked/muted at YT. 😦
      That’s why I went ahead and put it on Vimeo. 🙂

  2. “No better hair to the left of me, no better hair to the right of me”… Angie, you are SOO funny! I laughed out loud! A fantastic video! Thank you thank you thank you! Hallelujah! 🙂

    • I had a lot of fun making this one, I have to say. 😉 Notice I did have it IDed correctly as HIS left and HIS right and not ours. LOL Attention to details.

      “Hallelujah I adore it!!” 😀

      • You rock, Angie! That’s a great vid of Thorin, and he truly does have the most glorious locks. Here, I am sitting in a hotel dining room in Andalucia and laughing like a fool… when I’m not oogling a very hot dwarf, that is.

  3. Well, that was a blast from the past! I saw the original Australian production of Hair in Melbourne back in 1971.
    As soon as I saw the post title and the video pic I guessed what song you were using! Fun vid! 🙂

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