Sexy Saturday continues . . . with musings on the sexy beard


Imagine Sir Guy with a beard . . .

You will notice that my background photo here at the blog is of Richard with his beard and that hot pink shirt. Richard’s looking pretty darned hot himself.

I find the beard–which was a shock at first, but one I quickly embraced–very attractive on him. The growth patten of his beard is interesting; it doesn’t sort of crawl up his cheeks with that fuzzy look some fellows get (I fear I am thinking of you Aiden Turner. You’re a cutie but you easily take on that Wolf Boy look). Yes, you lose the jawline with the beard, but the beauty of his mouth and that grin is still visible. And those eyes! Ah . . .

The beard gives him a more mature look, a seasoned look. A man who has lived and has tales to tell.The Project Magazine shoot made me envision him as a Russian author named Alexi Evanovich. I’ve even written the beginning of a fiction featuring the chap. I don’t know if I will go anywhere with it, but it was fun.

I find myself wondering what he would look like with S3 Guy-length hair and his current beard. I’m thinking I would like it. I adore his whole Thorin look, of course.

I suspect the beard will come and go for future projects. If you don’t like it, just remember what lies beneath. If you do like it, just remember what lies beneath! A lovely, talented, good-hearted, darling man. (photos and screencaps RANet and allthingsrarmitage)

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  1. I like it… I like HIM.. beard or no beard! Short hair, long hair.. doesn’t really matter. The beard does bring out the gorgeous blue of his eyes, so that’s a definite plus! It’s a very elegant and sophisticated look.

    • There is something about him in a couple of the coats he is wearing for the shoot that, for me, gives him a Russian vibe. It’s hard for me to explain. Also, I think he is ridiculously sexy speaking Russian. 😀

      • In the top photo, he looks Russian! Just needs that big furry hat some of them wear! The man is obscenely beautiful, isn’t it? How can so much gorgeousness, talent and charm reside in one person?

      • That coat (on the top pic) has a bit of a cold war-era feeling to it. Btw, somebody criticised his Russian pronunciation somewhere on YT. Well, I studied Russian at school for 8 years (it was obligatory back in those days… naturally, everybody hated it for obvious reasons!), and his Russian sounded pretty good to me!

          • Yes, I’m Hungarian. I’ve grown to deeply respect Russian culture (music, ballet, literature etc.) and I regret that I missed the chance to learn the language properly when I had a chance to do so. It’s just that you develop a natural resistance when something is forced upon you as it was forced upon us to study Russian. And it’s a whole new alphabet too plus the grammar is pretty darn complicated! 🙂

  2. Angie, you read my mind…Richard + beard + series 3 Guy hair = too bloody hot to handle, I reckon!

    I thought I’d said something to that effect on your blog…or maybe it was on judiang’s or on bccmee’s?

    I was hoping one of you clever ladies would do a manip of it for me….please?

    Bccmee posted a heavily stubbled series 3 Guy on her blog and told me to imagine the stubble a little heavier! Oh, it’s a beautiful dream!

    Richard just needs to keep his moustache a little shorter/trim it more often – remember the CA premiere in NYC? It was a little unruly so we couldn’t see that gorgeously-curved top lip properly.

    • See addition to the post. 😉 Now I am off to take a shower and wash my hair. More later, ladies. This is on the way to becoming my biggest day yet in terms of hits–already at 1.127 at 5:30 p.m. and the highest to date has been 1.179. You go, girls!!!

  3. Oh, btw…everything still OK in your neck-of-the-woods? We’re still getting lots of rain this morning but it should ease a little tonight. There has been some flooding not too far from Canberra and1 person got washed away, unfortunately. I haven’t heard anything further yet but I’ll turn on the television soon to see if there are any updates.

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with Melanie – they have a house in Vine Grove, near Louisville, KY. The roof was damaged last year in some severe weather, so I’m hoping nothing happens to the house this time. Melanie’s in-laws live in Louisville and her sister-in-law lives just over the border in Indiana.

  4. Angie, you read my mind. The first time I saw his beard it was a shock as well to me.
    I had a vision of some tormented main character in a Russian C19 novel…..

    I like the beard now, but I will be happy, anyway (and curious). If he decides to trim, cut or make it grow.

    • I have gotten so used to the beard now, it will be something of an adjustment when he shaves it off. I would love to see him with his current beard and his S3 Guy hair. I think he would rock it. What haircuts and facial hair will our boy rock next? 😉

      • Good question. You know my views. I suspect that if he had his druthers, he’d shave it off — it’s just easier than trimming and shaping and keeping it off his neck.

        • I get the impression he would probably just wear his sexy stubble a lot of days and then shave when it gets a little too stubbly–not too much maintainence. In the case of keeping his beard and mustaches, perhaps he needs someone to do the trimming and shaping for him. Oh, Judit? 😉

    • It sort of tickles. And you can end up with beard burn. 😉 It has been a while–Benny wore a beard several years ago and he also had just a mustache on a couple of different occasions. He has nice soft hair so his beard wasn’t as bristly as I would think some guys would have.

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