Sunday Spotlight: Let’s talk about the Haughty Hottie


Macalwain meets Pete's wife and sparks seem to fly. He later initiates a kiss but she pulls away, only to show up later at his hotel room with romance on her mind.

A seduction is underway . . .
Macalwain suits up in camo for a mission.
Captain Macalwain attends a morale building exercise for his men with a game of ruggers. For the audience, it’s a chance to see those lovely legs in action. Shallow, I know, but true.

Since I shared some photos of Captain Ian Macalwain earlier this weekend,I thought we’d go ahead and shine our Sunday Spotlight on this character, who appeared as a no-nonsense SAS officer in five of the six eps of the second series of Ultimate Force in 2003. Ian is the new “officer on the block,” one who expects the men in his unit to behave and conduct themselves in a professional manner and to follow rules and regulations. Unfortunately, this does not sit well with many of these soldiers. Ian’s seeming arrogance and aloofness also alienates him from his men, one of whom, Pete, is dealing with some mental health issues.

Pete’s wife is aapparently miserable in their marriage. Laura tells Ian of her hatred for Pete and seems to be reaching out to him for help and perhaps a bit more.. After going out for a drink, Ian kisses her in the car and she pushes him away and runs away, leaving the captain confused.

Still, she is  taken with the handsome and fit young officer and makes a serious play for him, visiting his hotel room and stripping off her clothing to reveal sexy lingerie underneath.  The captain, who rather shy and insecure beneath the aloof exterior, doesn’t respond at first, but quickly succumbs to the temptation. The two begin an affair and Ian develop deep feelings for the woman. The affair becomes known by Macalwain’s men, leading to tragic consequences.  Ultimate Force is definitely a “boys with their toys” sort of show with lots of  violence, macho posturing and male bonding. Richard gives his customary fine performance and provides us with that preview of how effectively he can play a soldier and how good he will look in uniform in Strike Back. I think the man was born to wear a beret. As a side note, you get to see Richard with what we believe is his natural hair color–a deep reddish brown.

The ending of the series, however, offers a very unhappy fate for Richard’s character. Although I own it on DVD (a cheap copy I found. You don’t want to spend much for it) it is something I am not sure I will ever watch again, at least not the final ep.  Maybe the towel scene . . .  and the ruggers.

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  1. I must say he has THE most fantastically muscular thighs!! Yet his calves and ankles are pretty slim although still shapely! He also has the wide shoulders, the great biceps and the more slender (and hairy!!) forearms and wrists. Okay – lets face it – he has one beautiful body!! There!! I’ve said it!! 🙂 I know that’s being totally shallow but sometimes it has to be said! 😀

    • I can’t ridicule you–I chose the rugby screencap because it showcased just how muscular those prize thighs (to which I have dedicated a poem, after all)! As I have said, he is one beautifully knit-together man. 😀

    • Since when is the appreciation of beauty shallow? Do we discard the whole of wonderment at natural beauty or even art appreciation because it is often visceral and emotional, even spiritual, rather than intellectually “deep” and all left-brain analytical?

      When we appreciate RA’s beautiful body (and our responses to him), aren’t we simply acknowledging these magnificent gifts, both their existence and our ability to perceive them?

      Yes, it must be expressed, though perhaps not always with words. **purring, drooling slightly**

      • Actually I think as humans we have instinctual response when we see the beautiful, whether it is person, place or thing. It strikes a chord, it moves us, it delights us.

      • Thanks Leigh! You’re right of course!! We shouldn’t have to apologize for appreciating his beauty or beauty of any kind for that matter. You are also right in saying it can be expressed in other ways besides words. Sometimes we just lose our ability to talk when we think about him!! 😉

  2. Now, Angie, it’s actually a game of Rugby Union that is played by Ian and his team in the series. Some Brits call it “Rugger” but not all, I believe, mainly just the toffs. The game was invented at Rugby School, Warwickshire, in 1823.

    It was the Rugby World Cup last year in New Zealand that NZ won. Several countries play it these days, including Australia, France, NZ.

    • Thank you, Kathryngaul. Ian probably would call it ruggers. He IS a bit haughty. 😉 I have to say the wildest team sport with a ball just might be Australian Rules Football. I think of American football as a violent contact sport (which, as a born-and-bred southerner I have to confess I love–Roll Tide!!) but ARF can make it look almost wimpy.

      • My English friend (who used to play rugby) always used to say the rugby was the real thing and American Football was for wimps (because of all the padding and stuff)! He had his nose broken and front teeth “realigned” due to a kick in the face while playing ruggers…We’re lucky nothing like that happened to Richard when he was playing rugby! 🙂

      • Our Aussie Rules football players go in very hard and they don’t have any protection at all. As much as I can appreciate their fitness and skill at a professional level, I have to say I don’t like the game. Footy season is starting up again here, and by the time the finals are done, I’m over it. But, there are tens of thousands of footy fans out there who love the game and their club with a passion.

        • Oh, I know soccer, as we call it, is enormously popular throughout the world and it’s gaining interest here in the state, with more school and recreation programs including soccer teams. Even though I love college football (not such a fan of the pros) I also know so many of the players who do go on to pro careers end up with early-onset dementia, crippled knees and other health problems that seem directly connected to the punishing blows the players over the years. Even with helmets and other protective gear, they can end up paying a high price.

    • We call it Rugby in Canada too, KG, just as we did in the UK. My husband played it in school and a couple of the young boys in my family play it. It is one tough game! It was seldom called “Rugger” and as you say mainly by toffs or would-be toffs. I had never heard of it in the plural before either so no “s” at the end. I have to admit to being pretty excited when the All-Blacks won the World Cup!

  3. Erm… Didn’t Ian kissed the woman in the car before she drove over to see him in his hotel room? So technically it was him who made the first move…?

    • Yeah, you are right. It’s been so long since I watched I had my wires crossed. I just remember thinking she was certainly very “forward” as they used to say, going to his room and starting to strip. He could hardly be confused about the signals she was sending out. 😉

      She was unhappy in her marriage and let’s face it, Ian was a tall, handsome hunk.

      • I would have been rather unhappy too if my husband tried to strangle me in his sleep! (I think that’s what Loony Pete did to her before she got involved with hunky Ian)

  4. I was just rewatching this just last night. He went to her house to talk to her husband, but he wasn’t home. She served him a drink and they talked. She acted like she had a little crush on our cutie. (Who wouldn’t) She called him up and met him in a bar. They went to her car and she told him she hated her husband. She was looking at him with imploring eyes, as if to say “Do something!” Ian interpreted to mean a kiss. She freaked out and kicked him out of the car! He look confused. I plan to watch the last two episodes today. I think she follows him to the hotel and surprises him, it I remember right from the only time I saw this a few years ago.

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