Ever-Expressive Guy: Oh, bother!


One of my favorite Guy/Sheriff scenes in RH S3 was at the church when a capricious and bored Prince John ordered the building to be burned with the bridal couple and their guests still inside. In the midst of directing the guards and waving away any do-gooder peasanta, Guy seizes an opportunity to use his sword to knock a support down to bury the sheriff under a burning roof. Alas, the sheriff managed to hide beneath a wagon and save himself. Guy’s satisfaction turns to consternation as an arrow Vasey shoots in his direction goes flying by, narrowly missing him. The troll is still very much alive and well. Curses! Foiled again!

Vasey. Guy. Each has sworn to do in the other for Prince John. Let the games begin.

FINALLY. I've done it.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving little b**tard!

Just when think I've beaten the little toad . . .

*%$@#^$#@!!!! *cursing silently behind that tight little almost- smile*