I love this man on a horse . . .


The wonderful posture. The regal bearing. The strong, muscular horseman’s thighs in snug-fitting trousers. The undulation of those sinuous hips as he rides . . . with Richard Armitage astride a horse, you get two beautiful stallions for the price of one.

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  1. He certainly sits a horse beautifully.
    I was watching RH S2 ep10 last night, where the Sheriff disappears and Guy is in charge. The scene where Guy rides slowly out of Nottingham, hips rocking with the motion of his horse, straight posture, head held high, makes me weak at the knees. Every single time.
    Then, as the expression on his face changes with the realization that “without her, my world may as well turn to ash,” my heart aches for him, knowing that his feelings aren’t returned and never will be.

    • He looks every inch the nobleman riding out to meet Jasper–a very sexy nobleman with that hip action. It is rather awe-inspiring. You believe every word he says about Marian and his feelings for her. And, yes, in retrospect it’s downright painful to think of how little she truly thinks of him, knowing the cruel taunts she will hurl in his face in Acre.

  2. Richard rides a horse like he does everything else, with grace, beauty and strength! He looks majestic on a horse! He looks like he’s done it every day of his life! Is their anything this man can’t do well!!!

    • I sometimes wonder–perhaps in the case of things he doesn’t feel he is up to scratch performing on screen, he devotes extra time and energy to mastering. I think he is the sort of fellow who “feels the fear and does it anyway” –look at how he has faced his phobias about water head-on in so many roles. I do have so very much admiration for Richard. It’s so easy to crush on him; he has so very much more going for him than stunning looks. 😀

  3. My temptation is to put a superb horse under him, on the two-stallions-for the-price-of-one principle. I’d like to find him an andaluz stallion, well conformed but about 18 hands, who would be a good fit and very simpatico. The best ones show their Arabian ancestry, but are stronger in the legs and chest. He’ll need at least one really good horse for the Richard III project. *watching fine mental pictures*

  4. His thighs on pic#3… *drool*.. That’s a gorgeous horse, btw. Is that Richie? The not-so-well-behaved stallion? All this RH watching and looking at pics of gorgeous Richard in the saddle made me want to go horse riding again! I only tried it once and it was a fantastic experience. My thighs hurt for days afterwards! Riding really gives your thighs and hips a good workout, as your hips have to be in constant motion to match the horse’s movements. Unfortunately, it’s very expensive to take riding lessons here in Hungary. If only I had won the lottery last week, I would have bought my own horse! 🙂

    • Yeah, I think that is Richie. It is in S3 that he gets a different horse, the white one. I have never ridden a horse–a runaway pony once as a child–my oldest sister tried to talk my dad into buying us a horse but he wouldn’t do so. I think they are such beautiful animals and yes, undoubtedly one gets a good workout from time in the saddle. Richard’s already beautiful thighs were certainly enhanced by his horseback riding. And those snug trousers . . . oh, yummmmm.

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