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Body Language, Richard Armitage Style


Ah, yes--the Peaches of Pleasure, the Divine Derriere, the Rockin' Hot Rear, the Bodacious Backside--or, as Freddy says, "You've got the cutest ass I've ever seen!"

(all screencaps RANet)

As the song says, "Long legs . . . GREAT thighs."

Big, beautiful bare feet, big beautiful hands. long, long legs, a hint of chesticles . . .

“Look at me–I’ve got a case of body language–of body language . . . ” Thank you, Queen, for giving us this song which works so well for a certain TDHBEW we all know and love, because I love making these saucy litle vids. 😉

A Who’s Who of Armitage ChaRActers Part 6


John Thornton "Most Desirable Tea Guest"

Sir Guy of Gisborne “Most Likely to End Up Tied to a Tree” (aka Guy’s Tree P**n)
John Mulligan “Most Likely to Get You Out of Your Pants Whilst Doing Dodgy Deals”
Harry Kennedy “Most Likely to Be Found in a Cozy Jumper”

OT: An “Enchanted” movie favorite


Miranda Richardson enjoying the beauty of San Salvatore in "Enchanted April."

Joan Plowright, Josie Lawrence, Polly Walker and Miranda Richardson are the four British women who undergo a transformation in the film "Enchanted April."

I don’t know when I first ran across this movie on television, but it caught my interest immediately–good actors, gorgeous scenery, period costumes. I have watched it several times since then. Enchanted April, made for British television in 1991 and released theatrically in the U.S. the following year, boasts a talented cast of actors, many of whom were or became favorites of mine.

Based on a novel written in the 1920s by Elizabeth Von Armin and first filmed in 1935, Enchanted April follows the adventures of four English women–an elderly grande dame, a spoiled society girl, and two housewives who feel as if all the romance has gone from their live– who all find themselves longing for escape of one form or another.
One of the women, Lotty, played by Josie Lawrence, decides to rent a villa in Italy for the month of April and invites three other ladies to join her and share in the expenses.

Just as the spring flowers open and blossom beautifully around the Villa San Salvatore, so do we see a blossoming of these four women as they enjoy their stay in this magical place. When their husbands join them, the men find themselves falling under the spell of San Salvatore, too. There is humor and poignancy and the breathtaking scenery of Italy.

The film was actually shot in the same Italian villa that inspired the novelist to write her book, and the filmmakers do a great job capturing the period look and feel. Josie Lawrence, Miranda Richardson, Polly Walker and Joan Plowright are ably joined by Jim Broadbent, Alfred Molina and Michael Kitchen in this charming, slow-paced and truly enchanting story.

Only recently was the film made available on DVD, but it is definitely one I plan to add to my collection.

Ever-Expressive Sir Guy: Do you love me?


Why in the world has the prince brought me here in the middle of the night? Why do I suspect it can't be good news for me?

I've failed again. Failed to capture Robin and his gang. I came back to Nottingham with such hopes and plans.

This is it. This is the end.

Perhaps things aren't as bad as I initially thought.

Prince John gives Guy a glimmer of hope. Maybe, just maybe . . .

Guy is happy to pledge his love for and allegiance to his "sire" if it means staying alive. And killing the sheriff? Goodness knows he's wanted to. Now it's official.

The prince has every confidence in Sir Guy. It also appears he’d like to give the Gorgeous Sir Guy a big kiss. Well, it there was ever a fellow to develop a man-crush on–it’s Sir Guy . . . 😉

We take this moment to remind you F3 is coming March 12–March 19!


That’s right, core bloggers and lots of tagteamers throughout Armitage World will join together next week to dish on all facets of Richarding–freeform, fanfic, fandom and The Hobbit. Can’t reveal all the specific topics, but suffice it to say there are more than 120 planned . . . a veritable cornucopia of all kinds of Armitage goodness!! In case you haven’t seen my PSA or you simply want to enjoy pretty pictures of Mr. A and/or the dulcet tones of my “posh bird” accent 😉 here we go again:

Don’t know what’s up with WordPress . . .


But it’s not letting me insert photos into the post. And I had such a dandy sequence of the ever-expressive Sir Guy. I will give you a hint. Black leather. Teeth.

Since that function is not working, I will leave you with a couple of videos that honor the smirking, snarling, sexy, brooding and beautiful henchman you can’t help but love–Sir Guy. Because he just does something to us–and for us. There are so many things to appreciate about Guy.