A Who’s Who of Armitage ChaRActers: Part 5


John Porter "Most Desirable Savior from Peril"

Harry Kennedy "Best in Maths"

Dr. Alec Track "Best Thing to See When Coming out of a Coma"

Sir Guy of Gisborne "Best Use of Chesticles by Firelight"

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  1. And “Really, I just wanted an autograph” … He made her smile with that one! Which, under the circumstances, is no mean feat! 🙂

  2. Lots of “bests” here — although I’d want Harry to save me from the Inland Revenue/ Hacienda/IRS whichever and their incomprehensible forms, Alec to save me from assorted medical messes, and Guy to save me from … well, you know. I could just do with some saving now and again.

  3. These Who’s Who’s could go on forever. Some pictures deserve about 10 different captions!!

  4. Dr. Track, I haven’t been feeling well. Can you check my temperature and prescribe some feel good medicine?

    SAS Porter, If you save me, I will save you right back.

    Harry darling, sit next to me so I can put my head on your fuzzy sweather, I mean your shoulder.

    Guy, remove all your clothes, so that the fire does not melt your leather of course.

  5. @Judith LOL.
    I am actually still sick. Slept all day yesterday and still home from work today. I cannot be held accountable for my silliness over RA’s hotnessssss. It is the fever. lol

    • Nobody can be held accountable for their silliness over RA’s hotness! 🙂 Fever or no fever! That’s the power of the Armitage Effect! 🙂 Please take care of yourself and get well soon!

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