Ever-Expressive Sir Guy: Do you love me?


Why in the world has the prince brought me here in the middle of the night? Why do I suspect it can't be good news for me?

I've failed again. Failed to capture Robin and his gang. I came back to Nottingham with such hopes and plans.

This is it. This is the end.

Perhaps things aren't as bad as I initially thought.

Prince John gives Guy a glimmer of hope. Maybe, just maybe . . .

Guy is happy to pledge his love for and allegiance to his "sire" if it means staying alive. And killing the sheriff? Goodness knows he's wanted to. Now it's official.

The prince has every confidence in Sir Guy. It also appears he’d like to give the Gorgeous Sir Guy a big kiss. Well, it there was ever a fellow to develop a man-crush on–it’s Sir Guy . . . 😉

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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    • You certainly may do so, Carla, my sweet. You know Guy doesn’t say a word when Prince John is making his little speech, but he says volumes with his facial expressions and his body language.

  1. I have a confession to make. I did NOT watch RH season 3. I knew what was going to happen and I could not stand to watch. But these screencaps, the long hair, the expressive eyes and nose…well, let’s just say my imagination has another story happening all together. How can he embody so many personalities/characters and make us care for all of them equally? Give this man an award for best actor already.

    • Gracie, even knowing what’s going to happen, I continue to rewatch S3 ONLY because of Richard’s fabulous portrayal of Guy’s spiral into despair and his redemption. That he happens to look gorgeous as well is a bonus!
      The additional characters of Tuck and Kate are irritating, to say the least (fast forward!) and there are some thin plots, but the storyline with Meg is worth watching alone.
      If you have S3, I recommend you try watching it, otherwise you’re missing out on Richard in a powerhouse performance, just as I do with not being able to watch Spooks S9. At least with RH you can always avoid the heartache of the last episode by skipping it! 😉

      • You beat me to it, Mezz, whilst I was working on another post. Honestly S3 is worth watching for Richard’s wonderful tour de force performance. Guy took on a positively operatic grandeur in S3 and more than ever, you can’t take your eyes away from his performance. It doesn’t hurt that he is more beautiful than ever, too. I agree with Mezz, the Meg episode alone needs to be seen by any RA/Guy fan. And even though the character is supposedly killed (in my mind, he is So Not Dead) in the last ep, at least he is given a “good” passing, as a hero, a redeemed man. Even though I cried buckets (and I knew what was going to happen before the ep aired) I am glad I got to see Richard’s marvelous goodbye to Robin Hood. He plays it all so beautifully and believably.

        That’s something we didn’t get with Lucas and Spooks. (I freely admit I cannot re-watch more than the first couple of eps of S9.)

        • So true!! When I loaned my RH S2 and later S3 to a friend I said, “Guy comes into his own in S3.” His acting was superb and he looked so amazing in the new costume – very regal – as it emphasized his wonderful physique!! Yes, of COURSE I cried when his end came (and still do every time I watch it) but it was so movingly and beautifully done that I would not have missed it for the world.

          I have watched S9 of Spooks – actually more than once just to see his incredible performance. Only he could have handled such a script. Naturally I hated what TPTB did with his character but somehow what HE did with it went some way to alleviating the pain I felt.

          The hardest “death” to witness was in SB 2. I felt sick with shock when it happened. It felt as thought someone had punched me in the gut! Sometimes I wish his acting wasn’t quite so believable! 😦

          So go for it Gracie!! I don’t think you will be sorry or disappointed!! 🙂 How could you be watching Richard Armitage?? 😀

          • As much as I loved Guy’s leathers, Richard’s S3 costumes did rock, showcasing his attributes very nicely. When he rides in with his lustrous Glamour Guy hair blowing in the wind, oh my–he is just breathtaking.

            I don’t even think about SB2 as being part of Strike Back–the real Strike Back. I can’t ever watch that scene again. Yes, Richard made it all too chillingly real. 😦

      • I agree 100%. Watching Richard in Season 3 is like watching a master craftsman at work. I watch it, even the last episode, because of Richard! I am attempting to watch all of Spooks again. I may not make it til the end of season 9, but his acting makes me want to try. When he dies in both series, it’s like getting punched in the stomach…but his performance is so breathtaking. But definitely give S3 of RH a try!

        • I hope one day I can get to the point where I can re-watch S9 just to appreciate Richard’s acting, because that’s the only reason I would watch it again. Well, that, and how the badder he got, the tighter his clothes seemed to get and he still had those Porter muscles. . . shallow. Yes, I know . . .

        • His death in RH is lot easier to take than in Spooks, because, as Angie says, it’s a “good” passing, although I’m still teary every time.
          Spooks 10 started here on Saturday night. I deliberately missed the beginning so I didn’t have to watch the recap, but unfortunately came in when Harry and Ruth were discussing Lucas North’s ….. I can’t even bring myself to type the word. THAT was like a punch in the stomach, even though I had seen the clip over on RANet when they first put up the link a while ago. I watched a few more minutes then turned over to another channel. I have seen Spooks before without Lucas, series 5&6, but I won’t be watching this current and last one.

          • Yeah, as hard as it was to see Guy pass away on RH, it seemed like a piece of cake compared to what happened to Lucas. 😦 I just don’t have any desire to see Spooks 10 and I watched some of the series before Richard arrived, back when MMF and then RPJ were on there. But I am obviously much more of an RA fan than I am a Spooks fan. I feel the way I feel. I respect people who disagree, but I don’t think my mind will be changed to the point where I agree with the way Lucas’s storyline was handled.

          • I really hate the way they handled Lucas. The writers sucked. The consistency from one season to the next was nonexistent! I don’t know if I’ll make it either. I saw 2 episodes and quit, so maybe not. I kept thinking about his future! But I’m determined to try! There are things I want to see again. It make take me a few months…

            • Preaching to the choir, my love. People who are major Spooks fans say that’s “classic Spooks” for you, what they did with the character. And you know, I honestly could have lived with Lucas turning out to have this really dark side–good grief, look what the man had been through!– but it was glaringly obvious that the way he was written in 7 and to a considerable degree in 8 had virtually no connection to what we were given in 9. It’s basically as if they chucked all the previous writers had established and started fresh. If THAT”S “classic Spooks” then–I guess I’m not a big fan of classic Spooks 😉 As someone who is a writer, I have little respect for those Spooks writers. Sorry, guys . . .

  2. Thank you Mezz. I think you are right and I am missing out. I will watch it. I have seen some videos and photos and have thought his performance would probably blow me away but I have resisted. I have resisted Spooks S9 too. Again because I know what they do to Lucas. I hate feeling the heartache but I suppose that is what makes him a great actor. I will start with RH S3.

  3. Again, the lighting of RA’s face is so beautiful here…. His lips in pic #1… Very tempting! No wonder Prince J. almost gave in to it! And Toby Stephens…such a great actor! He’s another co-star I’d like to see reunited with Richard on a future project. Fingers crossed their paths will meet again!

    • I think out of the three series, Richard was lit the most beautifully and dramatically in S3. As I have said, I think the lighting techs had a crush on him. And the costume designer. I really like Toby Stephens, too (and his mama Maggie Smith is one of the best things about Downton Abbey. Oh, those zingers of hers!) I loved his slightly OTT performance as Prince John and would also be happy to see those two work together again.

          • I first saw Toby in an episode of “Waking the Dead” (a British crime series I used to watch in the good old days when I had BBC Prime) and he totally blew me away with his performance. I’ll never, ever forget it. I had no idea then he was Maggie’s son! Only found that out later. He does bear a resemblance to his mum when you look more closely. They have talent to burn in that family that’s for sure! 🙂

      • Wow, I didn’t know Toby was Dame Maggie’s son!! Good to know, thanks! They are both terrific!

        • Yes, they are. the late Robert Stephens was his dad. Have you ever seen The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie? A fantastic film from the 60s. Maggie plays Miss Brodie, a teacher at a girl’s school in Scotland and Stephens is an art teacher there with whom she has an affair. You will see glimpses of Toby in each of them–his coloring resembles his mother’s, but there’s something in the jaw and mouth that remind me of his dad.

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