Ever-Expressive Sir Guy: Wooing the Nightwatchman


Guy and Marian are on the reviewing stand for the tournament. Guy holds the silver arrow the sheriff is sure Robin won’t be able to resist winning, whilst Marian peels her apple (and no doubt keeps her eyes peeled for Robin and his gang).

Guy and Marian have had an earlier skirmish–although he doesn’t realize it. She was in her disguise as the Nightwatchman, and she received a injury to her arm, which she has covered with the long sleeves of her gown. She is looking particularly lovely that day, and her admirer does not fail to notice.

Marian continues to play her games with the master-at-arms, who seems to be falling for her a little more each day.

Allow me to point out that Guy is very asthetically pleasing in this scene. I love the curls at the nape, the stubble, the kohl-rimmed eyes, his expressions. And we get to see his hands, for he strips off his ever-present gloves in order to make contact with his Marian.

Guy speaks of old wive's tales and marriage as Marian peels an apple, alluding to his own wish to make her his wife.

Guy's fingers encounter something sticky on Marian's arm.

What is this? Blood?

Oh, no need to worry, Sir Guy, assures the lovely Lady Marian.

She lightly brushes off the wound, assuring Guy all is well. A mere slip of her knife . . .

Guy wants to believe Marian. He needs to, clinging to the hope she really does care for him. (this is promo pic for episode 5; this and screencaps all from RANet)

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  1. Robin Hood is on tonight here in Quebec (Robin des bois). Imagine my shock when I see Sir Guy on my screen speaking french. I love him. And I love his leather. In any language.

    • They do the dubbing thing in Quebec too? I thought it was only us Hungarians and the Germans with this silly custom of dubbing everything as opposed to using subtitles! I can’t bear the tought of RA’s gorgeous voice being replaced with somebody else’s! 🙂

  2. Certain things translate well and can be understand in any language, Gracie. Sir Guy and his leather and stubble and kohl-rimmed eyes–we all speak “Guy.” 😉

  3. Yes, Marian seemed only to really speak Robinish, so she never really could understand Guy’s leather-linguistics. In the words (almost) of Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) in Pretty Woman, “Big mistake, Marian. Huge!”

    • Just think, she could have been alive and well and all loved up by Sex in Leatther instead of six feet under the desert sand with a big hole through her middle . . . leaving behind a “husband” who forgot her in about five minutes. And a king who didn’t even really like England. What a waste . . .

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