Mad props for Richard: TAE Word for the Day


We’ve another slang entry for today’s word, and I am sure you will agree it’s a word of which dear RA is so deserving.

props: (noun) due respect; an expression of approval or regard.  The expression dates back to the 1980s, and it is derived from the shortening and pluralization of the word “proper,” as in  “proper respect.”

Richard does not let his fears stand in the way of the roles he will take. A little nervous on horseback? He just keeps practicing until it looks like he was born in the saddle. Phobia about water that stems from a childhood accident? Not a keen swimmer?  Auditions for and gets role as lifeguard, voluntarily undergoes waterboarding not once, but twice and ends up underwater in a mini-sub being punched-up by Captain America. I have to give Richard props for his tenacity and determination to be authentic and get the role right, even when it scares him.

Richard admitted doing this underwater scene for Captain America was not easy for him.

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  1. I have the utmost respect for the guy. I would never, ever, in a gazillion years have gone underwater in that capsule thingy. Not for all the tea in China. My, he’s brave. 🙂

      • So have I. Real subs are no fun. However, that tiny sub was very scary. He faces his fears head on and triumphs over them. He definitely fits the definition of brave!!

        • Absolutely! He talks about, for example, making John Porter the kind of man he would want to be, in terms of the heroic mould and braveery–but I think Rifhard IS already a hero. He faces his fears, he shows tenacity and determination in the face of challenges and obstacles; he remains a gentleman, courteous and discrete in a world where people kiss (and a lot more) and tell; he keeps his ego in check in a business where reality “stars” think they are deserving of huge salaries in spite of noe apparent talent; he’s a loving son who enjoys spoiling his parents now and again and he simply seems to be a genuinely good man.

          • I couldn’t agree more! It has been said that the definition of courage is being scared to death and doing it anyway. And Richard does it, repeatedly.
            I think the slight nervousness around horses was lack of familiarity and the fact that they are large, strong, and heavy. Now that he’s more comfortable, I think he might actually like riding. I hope so.

            • I think so, too, re the horses. Certainly it could be intimidating in the beginning, and he cares so much about getting it right, doesn’t he? If he isn’t enjoying himself in the saddle these days, he certainly acts the part well. 😉

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