You gotta love that Cate Blanchett


I ran across this excerpt from an article done with the lovely and talented Cate Blanchett. I know she is a favorite actress of Richard’s, will be appearing in The Hobbit and is well-liked by this blogger and her commenters. Oh, if only more performers took the same attitude–there would be less celebrities walking around looking like they’ve been sucked through a wind tunnel/turned into aliens/changed their racial identity. I don’t foresee our Richard tampering with his face (thank God he never got that nose job he once contemplated. I love that magnificently masculine aquiline “hooter”).. I do hope these two get the opportunity to work together again on a future project.

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Unlike some of her peers, Cate Blanchett is looking forward to aging naturally.

The Academy Award winner, 42, says she’ll never go under the knife to turn back the hands of time. “There’s been a decade or so of people doing intervention with their face and their body,” she tells Fashionista. “Now that we’re emerging from that, people are seeing that long term it’s not so great.”
Blanchett doesn’t judge women who decide to get plastic surgery, “but I know what works for me,” she explains.

“I’d just be too frightened about what it means long term. In the end if you have all that stuff done. . . you just see the work,” Blanchett says. “It doesn’t fill me with admiration — it fills me with pity.”
The Australian actress isn’t the first A-list beauty to speak out against plastic surgery in Hollywood: Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson have all vowed to embrace their natural beauty.

Blanchett does, however, use natural means to maintain her youthful appearance

“I do the old glass of lemon juice in water in the morning. It just keeps your system going. I think it’s like people who get into colonic therapy — there’s a logic behind it. The French have been doing it, the Egyptians did it. There are certain things in ancient practices that [I won’t do] — I’m not going to bathe in my own urine.”

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  1. Richard… contemplated a nose job???? But his nose is one of his most stunning features! OK, I admit, I’ve always had a thing for guys with big noses (it all started with Dustin Hoffman…hehe) but I really think RA’s nose suits his face so well! Can’t believe the thought of altering it even crossed his mind.. It was probably because he was teased because of his nose at school. Kids can be so cruel!

    • He got teased a lot about his big hooter as a school boy and I think that stuck with him. I woudl say he’s grown into that nose magnificently well. 😀 Just as I can’t imagine S3 Guy without his mane of hair, I can’t imagine RA without his aquiline nose.

      • Thank heaven he left it as-is! Movie stars have often been teased as children and counseled to have “work” done when they hit the silver screen, but the best have resisted it. Richard has definitely grown into his nose; it suits his face beautifully, and he has learned how to use it as he acts.

        • When Ingrid Bergman first came to Hollywood, the studio bosses told her she needed to have her nose done, her teeth done and have her name changed to something less “ethnic.” She proceeded very politely but firmly to tell them she had been successful in Sweden with her original nose and teeth and name and thank you, but no, she would rather return to Sweden to act.
          They decided to leave her be and she went on to do quite well for herself in Hollywood.

  2. Can you imagine Richard with a small or medium-sized nose!! Weird! I think his nose suits his face and keeps him from looking too perfect. When guys look too perfect, they look kind of creepy in my opinion (like a doll or robot, not real). On another note, that nose and being teased as a teen, gave him experience’s that, in my opinion, must help his acting. His portrayal of so many of his characters shows that he knows how to feel shy or to feel a little like an outcast. Standring, Thorton, Guy, Porter, Lucas, they all have that outsider element to the characters. His expressions in those parts are perfect! If he had grown up as big man on campus, Mr. stud muffin, would his characters be as nuanced as they are? We’ll never know but I suspect that awkward stage helped him. I also love how he stands up for others, like when he defended Joe Armstrong when the others in the RH cast were teasing him about his nose!

    • No, I can’t. Yes, I think men who are too perfect–living Ken dolls–just aren’t as interesting to look at. Their faces lack the character that RA’s has. Someome whom I thought was really attractive as a young man was Bruce Jenner, Olympic athlete. He had a largish nose but it worked well with his bone structure. Then at some point he had it whittled down and now he almost looks like a tranny.It doesn’t suit his face at all. Of course, now he’s the stepfather to the Kardashian clan and they positively thrive on plastic surgery, so I guess he fits in. *rolls eyes*

      I agree completely that Richard’s experiences as a youth “on the outside looking in” have helped him be more authentic in his performances. I think for anyone to pull off the painfully, almost crippingly shy man that was John Standring, you’d have to have some knowledge of what it’s like to be shy and feel awkward and out of place. He’s also said before he’s something of a loner, and we see that aspect in several of his characters. I think those of us who were bullied or teased as youngsters often want to stand up against that type of behavior when we see it.

      • Exactly!!! I’m an introvert and I was bullied for being shy! I see Richard acting and I know that he really understands.

        Bruce Jenner…he’s gone off of the deep end!!

        • Yes, I think we see that kindred spirit in Richard and respond to it. Jenner–the fact he got mixed up with the Kardashians shows his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor anymore. 😉

          • I have no idea what Bruce Jenner looked like in his younger days, but now he looks like a vaxwork statue at Madame Tussaud’s. The entire Kardashian “Klan” look very, very plastic indeed. It really bothers me how famous and wealthy they’ve become solely because that Kim woman made a sex tape! What is wrong with our society???

            • See my most recent post. As for the Kardashians, here’s the way my husband puts it: “If it walks like a wh**e, talks like a wH**e, looks like a wh**e and acts like a wh**e, it must be a wh**e.” Those people are fame w***es, definitely. And their own mother pimps them out. There is something very wrong when people like that become celebrities.

    • Laurie, I totally agree with you! It’s funny, I watched an old interview with Dustin Hoffman the other day and he said had he looked like “Mr. Stud Muffin” (love that expression, btw.) at school and been popular with girls and at the centre of attention etc., he would never have become an actor! I think he must have been teased a lot too.

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