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I just can’t get enough of . . .


This is just a drop in the bucket for me in regards to Richard and his qualities of which I just can’t get enough . . . like Lucas’s tattoos.

Of you, Mr. Armitage . . . in this pose. With those eyes. Talk about masculine beauty.
Of Sgt. Porter’s bodacious biceps.

Of Glamour Guy and his fresh-from-PJ's Salon and Spa beauty.

Of that long, lovely neck (and that awesome laryngeal prominence!

Ever-Expressive Guy: Bound Guy


We return to our day with Sir Guy. We’ve seen him in the forest, taunting the Hooded One, and finally ending up with a knife to his (long and beautiful) throat. Now Forest Boy has our Dark Knight all tied up. Even with the gag in his mouth, the Sultan of Smoulder can speak volumes with those incredibly seductive and expressive eyes. . . .

Something tells me the lusty wenches are gonna like this. A lot.

Do you realize the millions of red-blooded women who would love to have me like this, Bobbin? ME. Not you, the medieval Justin Beiber with scruffy facial hair. Also take note of these eyes. Brother, do I rock the Guyliner or what??

Maddens you that I look so much sexier in such a predicament than you ever could, doesn't it, Hood? *mentally laughing evilly since the bloody gag is in the way*

Warning. Very Sexy Smirk Alert.

Yeah, you've got me, oh Baron of Bloatface. Now what are you going to DO with me?

Is that the best you can do, Forest Boy? Oh, and take notice of how these tight sleeves and my bound condition really showcase my studly arms.

Oh, come off it, Hoodie. I'm already scorching hot. And my "sword" will always be hotter than yours . . .

Face it, Forest Boy, you don’t have “IT” and I do. You will never be as hot and sexy as I. The only way you’ll smoulder is if we set you on fire.

Ever-Expressive Guy: Forest Guy (to be followed by Bound Guy & Dirty Guy)


Ah, here he comes. Six feet and two inches of smouldering sexuality, ready to make Robin look like a mad constipated warthog. Me likee.

Good grief, but the man is attractive, especially when he is preparing to act all bad-ass.

Sir Guy. Ready to bait, rile and generally antagonize Bobbin as much as he can. Also take note of those two fetching curling tendrils of hair falling over his forehead. You gotta love him.

Marian? Oh, yes. She will be mine. Imagine us together, Hood. *Robin's head almost explodes at the thought of His Gorgeousness wielding his weapon with Marian. Jealous, any?*

I'll soon have everything that belongs to you, Robin. And you just can't bear that, can you?

So, Bobbin, what do you have planned now?

You may have me at a disadvantage, Hood. But you don't have ME yet. Because it's never say die for Sir Guy.

This is why you should re-consider plastic surgery . . . former Olympian Bruce Jenner


Bruce, who won several gold medals in the Olympics back in the day, used to be a pretty nice-looking guy. And then he had his first nose job. And now that he is stepdad to the kardashian clan, he’s had all sorts of work done. He should have stopped before he ever started.

Richard, may I say once more–we LOVE you and your big, beautiful, manly nose and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Flashback: When Guy broke my heart (again)


(This is an essay I wrote and posted at Live Journal while watching S3 of Robin Hood. I think this particular episode, the “Meg” episode, was a favorite for many of us. I thought you might find this interesting.. Screencaps courtesy of RANet)

                                                      Blame It All on the Beautiful One; or, Crying Over ‘Just a Show’


Perhaps I should have been put in the mad house instead of the despicable Thornton.

Some would say I must be a bit barmy to be crying very real tears over a television show, especially one that has received so much critical derision since its creation.

But that is what Episode 9 of “Robin Hood” brought me to: warm, salty tears, streaming down my cheeks, a sob catching in my throat.

Blame It All on the Beautiful One.

If Richard Armitage doesn’t receive a knighthood one day for his amazing acting talent, then I will know a crime has been committed in the kingdom.

I know many may mourn the fact we didn’t get any torture scenes, no shirtless-angsty-and-hot Guy in the dungeon to drool over; I have to say I didn’t miss it (now you are all going to think I have gone ‘round the bend . . .).

Instead, in this ep, we get a reflective, regretful, yet still proud Guy; one whose tenderness and compassion are not completely missing, one whose smiles can make you weep.

In his first scenes we see an imprisoned Guy, seemingly resigned to his fate, his beautiful face impassive, as he lies there in his cell.

The treacherous Isabella is the new sheriff, and she intends to have her revenge on the older brother she despises by having him executed.

But she chooses to show benevolence to a young girl named Meg who is brought before the court for refusing no less than four suitors (the fourth she bribed to return home with money stolen from her angry father).

This feisty female might be a younger version of me, Isabella thinks, and she gives Meg her freedom and offers her protection and friendship.

However, the hitherto unseen Mr. Thornton arrives immediately on the scene, ready to take back his wife and take over as sheriff (how does that work, exactly? I confess I am not up on medieval law . . .)

Meg tries to save her new friend from harm by offering up knowledge of a stash of gold in the forest, something of which Isabella also claims familiarity.
Thornton tosses her in the dungeon and takes Isabella in a treasure hunt, making threats to kill the girl if the gold is not found.

Guy doesn’t seem particularly pleased with his new dungeon mate, a young girl who pokes fun at his grungy appearance and how far “the great I Am” has fallen in the world.

She has noticed him before, she tells him; one suspects she was much more favorably impressed by that “noticing” than she lets on. After all, Guy is a man, and she is determined to hate all men, to see them all as her enemies.

When Meg tells Guy to go to hell, he replies quietly, staring at the ceiling, “I’m already there.”

And you feel your heart breaking as he says those words.

This is a Guy you want to hold and tell, “It is going to be alright.”

He just keeps breaking your heart, that one, in this ep: he and Meg begin to actually talk instead of merely trading barbs. The first breakthrough is when she confesses to being terribly thirsty, and he tells her to take the stone on her necklace and suck on it to make her mouth water.

She does as he suggests, and it apparently works. (Must confess to a dirty thought or two passing through my mind at this point, “suck” set me off. Sorry).

Later, when Meg is desperate for something to eat but revolted by the weevils writhing in the hunk of bread in her cell, Guy picks up the bread from where she has thrown it, carefully knocks off the offending critters, and hands it back to her. “You need to keep your strength up,” he tells her in an unmistakably kind tone.

It begins to sink into her head Guy might not be the monster her new “friend” has painted him.

When Isabella turns the tables on Thornton and comes back to free Meg, she asks for Gisborne to be freed, too.

Isabella won’t hear of it, of course. Guy is evil and that is all there is to it.

Meg is determined to try to help Guy. She brings him food and drink, encourages him to also “keep up his strength.” He is visibly touched by her gesture. He tells her she reminds of another girl who “made me a better man.”

“What happened to her?” she asks, tears in her eyes.

“I destroyed her, I destroyed everything,” he replies, his voice almost breaking.

I said she was feisty. She proves it by stealing Izzie’s keys and trying to break Guy out, but Izzie catches her, just as Guy is smiling down like a dark angel and touching Meg’s face so gently.

(RA knows how to use those exquisite hands in such moments so beautifully . . .)

Now they are both doomed to execution. As they are led to the executioners’ blocks, Meg admits to fear. Guy tells her in a kind tone that reminded me of a certain John Standring that it will all be over very quickly.

And when Isabella coldly asks him if there are any last words on his part, Guy – well, Guy just becomes my knight in shining armor even more than before, if that is possible.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to, Isabella, and you can do whatever you want with me, but don’t take her life . . . she is an innocent girl,” Guy says, his head held high even as he speaks these humble words.

Izzie has become a true ice queen with a taste for blood by this point. She wants both executions to proceed.

Robin, of course, saves the day (oh, right, he is the hero and star of the show, I sometimes forget) and Guy and Meg are free.

Meg tries to save Guy from a charging guard and takes the blow herself. Guy sweeps the mortally injured girl in his arms, takes her into the forest.

And that final scene. Oh. She makes her last request: a kiss. He, almost shyly, very tenderly, grants it.

“I always did like you,” she says, and dies.

And Guy holds her and weeps. And I weep.

It was a masterful performance, understated yet raw with emotion. We saw the Guy we all fell in love with in S2 again.

I wish Meg had lived. As a friend suggested, perhaps she could have recovered from her wounds in Kirkley’s Abbey and gone on to be a friend to Guy, one who would tease him and knock him from his high, dark horse on occasion, but also love and admire him. He could have used a loving “little sister.”

As for Kate, Robin’s new love (now that he realizes Izzie is quite power-mad, ruthless, and into the whole “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” thing) I dislike her more than ever. She has stomped all over poor Much’s heart. Is it the way she is written or the way JF plays her? I am not entirely sure.

If the young actress who played Meg (who was also John S.’s stepdaughter in “Sparkhouse”) had been Kate, I think I could have liked the character. As it is, I just find her immensely annoying.

They have done a thorough job of deconstructing Guy. Now, please, may we see the redeemed Guy step forth and allow him a bit of dignity to go along with the humanity he seems to have reclaimed?

I must shut up now, as I have borrowed spouse’s computer and it is almost bedtime.

He thinks it is ridiculous, by the way, I was crying over “just a show.”

“Blame it all on that damned Richard Armitage,” I said with a womanly sniff.

Guys like him don’t come around every day in a girl’s life. Meg could have told you that.