Another Who’s Who of Armitage ChaRActers


Sir Guy of Gisborne: Sexiest Assassin in Acre

Lucas North: Best Spy With Whom to Share Suggestive Banter

John Porter: Best "Aw Shucks Ma'am, T'weren't nuthin'" faces.

Thorin Oakenshield :Most Likely to Have Clogged Drain in His Shower.

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  1. ROFLMAO! I especially like Thorin and the most likely to have a clogged drain in the shower. And Lucas North’s suggestive sexy grin…..oooh my!

    • Those grins, yummmmm . . . don’t you know Hermione, who enjoyed working with Richard so much anyway, really enjoyed those scenes? 😀 As for Thorin, well, I used to have hair that long and very thick, and I know what it did to the poor old drains. 😉

  2. I loved Ross and Lucas together. I loved their banter and I always felt there was an undercurrent between them, a chemistry of sorts that I enjoyed watching.

    I do have long and thick hair myself so I just know what you are referring too. Thorin and I together would cause so many problems, we alone would probably be enough to put some plumber’s kid through college. LOL

    • Even tnough they were never romantic partners, I thought there was much more chemistry between Ros and Lucas–a real connection there–than I ever saw with Sarah OR Maya. I felt that each believed they could depend on the other to have their backs. I sincerely hope Richard has the opportunity to work with Hermione again.

      I normally keep my hairmedium-short and thinned out in the back but it has been growing out since the accident last November. I have had it cut once since then, just trimmed–and my husband said something recently about “did I ever clean out the drain?” Oopps! 😉

  3. LOL. Darn those drains.

    I most certainly never felt there was chemistry with Sarah. Though I liked the storyline ( I may be in the minority here). I did not watch S9 of spooks but the storyline for S9 did not seem plausible to me and neither did the idea that he would wait 2 seasons before seeking out Maya as the love of his life when he initially sought his ex wife and then that whole story with sarah. Nah

    I saw some pictures of Hermoine and RA on set and they seemed very friendly. I certainly interpreted that they enjoyed working with each other.

    • I think the whole Nightingale storyline would have worked fine for me IF they had cast and written the character of Sarah Caulfield differently. As it was, she almost ruined the series for me at times. I could not understand Lucas’s fascination with her at all. I saw GOR in Young Victoris and it was fine because she had only two lines and those were spoken in an English accent, not horribly fake American. 😉

    • Oh, and with Maya, it did not compute for me that after returning home still clearly carrying a torch for his former wife, and then falling for Sarah Caulfield (as illogical as that was, considering the lack of chemistry and an accent that would make your ears bleed) suddenly this Maya’s photo of turns up and she’s the great love of his life and there has never been a single reference or mention . . . and he’s willing to do all sorts of dire things in order to be with her. Oh, I better not get started. 😉

      • I so agree with you Angie, it did not make any sense whatsoever. Poor darling Richard, it was a mammoth task to pull all that nonsense off acting-wise and he did a fabulous, fabulous job.

        • I completely agree! I’ve said before, I feel as though those wretched hacks writing Spooks were doing a double-dog-dare, betcha-can’t-do-this! number on Richard. As it is, he turned in a tour de force performance — amazing! — and it would easily serve as an audition for the Richard III project, should anyone doubt his ability to do it.

          • Richard takes a licking from the sodding writers and directors and producers and like the indefatigable Guy, he keeps on ticking–and doing it very well. However, just because he can handle everything that is thrown at him, doesn’t mean they SHOULD do it indiscriminately. Jeez!

          • I really do hope scriptwriters and TPTB in general will treat him and us RA fans with much, much more respect after The Hobbit! 🙂

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