Choccie & RA . . . which dessert/chaRActer pairing would you prefer?


Moist chocolate layer cake w/ buttercream frosting with Sir Guy?

A chocolate eclair with Lucas North?

Chocolate bread pudding with Mr. Thornton?

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  1. At the risk of sounding greedy, I’ll have a little of everything, thanks!
    Did you really expect me to actually CHOOSE between yummy chocolate goodies and yummy Lucas/Guy/Harry/Porter? 😀

  2. Food porn! Mmmm! Just because I am not a fan of bread pudding, I would have to go with the choco raspberry trifle. Harry would be the best company anyway. Although Guy and chocolate cake are very tempting!

      • I’d be quite happy to let Guy have the whole slice of choccie cake if he let me feed it to him. Of course, then I’d have to kiss away any stray icing or crumbs… 😉

  3. I’m with Mezz again, can I have a little bit of everything please? Altough I have to say choccie eclairs are one of my favourite things in the world! So I may go for that first, with willowy Lucas! 🙂

    • Oh, I think a bit or two of each dessert would be perfectly allowable. Now, let me clarify a bit or two of the chocolate food, not the chocolate-voiced man. *giggle*

      Since I knew Lucas liked choccie-covered doughnuts, I thought the chocolate eclair might be a good choice. 😉

      • I’m not crazy about doughnuts but I LOVE eclairs so it’s a better choice for me! And to paraphrase Richard, I’d like to kiss him after he’s just had an eclair! Certainly not after he’s just had a fag! I’m so hoping he’d given up on those smelly yukky things! The thought of him with a ciggie ruins my daydreams about kissing him!

  4. This is too delicious. Gizzy, Lucas, Portah, Thornton, Harry AND chocolate cake…I have died and gone to heaven.

  5. As I have a very very sweet tooth and even more fondness for the chaRActers, there is no way I would ever turn down ANY of these options. But if I had to choose only one 😦 I’d have to go with moist chocolate cake with Sir Guy. With lots and lots of messy sauce please. 😉

  6. I make a mean Texas Sheet Cake. It’s a mix between a brownie and a cake. So I’ll take Real Richard and my sheet cake. We can make it together…and who knows where the batter or the icing could end up!! Yummy:)

        • Oh, yes, I’d love to bake with Richard. I want to make that deep rich French-style chocolate cake with a cabernet reduction in it (credit Fran Bigelow with the recipe). I can think of lovely things we can do while the cabernet is reducing ever-so-slowly, while the dark chocolate is melting, while the Kitchenaid is doing all the boring stuff… *yum* and raise that several powers, maybe 10!.

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