Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

Porter gives good “daddy” hugs


John gives Lexie a welcoming hug when she comes to visit him in the hospital following his injury during the Bratton extraction.

A lovely image of Porter and young Alex after she has budged over to accommodate her long-legged dad so they can spoon together.

John does his best to comfort a distraught Lexie.

A bear hug like this looks like good medicine for any heart in pain.

I am totally convinced this is a dad who would go through hell and high water to protect his little girl. The way in which he holds her close, wrapped in that strong arm, the expression on his face saying he really is home.

Ever-Expressive Guy: Unbound, Dirty AND Bound. Oh, yeah.


Now that I'm free again, I'm gonna kick your non-existent outlaw ass and look good doin' it. Because that's how I roll, Forest Boy.

Yup, you can get as sweaty and dirty and leaf-strewn as you wish, Hoodie. But you'll never, ever look like more than a boy band reject turned vagrant. Whereas I---

Oh, no. Here we go againnnnnnnn . . . zzzzzzzzzzz.

Bugger! Bound, gagged and blindfolds. Well, it's a new position the wenches can drool over, I suppose. *sigh* It's not easy out there for the gorgeous henchman.

(Sheriff) Ohhhhh, Gisborne. This look is so YOU.
(Gisborne) *muttering in his head* Yes, you perverted, pint-sized piece of puss, you WOULD. The things I do to stay gainfully employed and keep my dental insurance. Really!!

(mutters beneath gag) Seriously, don't you think I've had enough of this kinky stuff for today? The things I do for the fangurlz . . . *sigh*

More Guyday Friday goodness . . .


Vasey¬†may be discussing a festival of pain, but this look on Sir Guy’s face brings me “pleasah.”

The Dark Knight who stole my heart.

You make one gorgeous bridegroom, Sir Guy. I think there's a queue of willing volunteers if that silly Marian bails on you.

Sir Guy has arrived and he's brought sexy back with him!

I like a tall, dark, gorgeous man in leather, don't you?