Ever-Expressive Guy: Unbound, Dirty AND Bound. Oh, yeah.


Now that I'm free again, I'm gonna kick your non-existent outlaw ass and look good doin' it. Because that's how I roll, Forest Boy.

Yup, you can get as sweaty and dirty and leaf-strewn as you wish, Hoodie. But you'll never, ever look like more than a boy band reject turned vagrant. Whereas I---

Oh, no. Here we go againnnnnnnn . . . zzzzzzzzzzz.

Bugger! Bound, gagged and blindfolds. Well, it's a new position the wenches can drool over, I suppose. *sigh* It's not easy out there for the gorgeous henchman.

(Sheriff) Ohhhhh, Gisborne. This look is so YOU.
(Gisborne) *muttering in his head* Yes, you perverted, pint-sized piece of puss, you WOULD. The things I do to stay gainfully employed and keep my dental insurance. Really!!

(mutters beneath gag) Seriously, don't you think I've had enough of this kinky stuff for today? The things I do for the fangurlz . . . *sigh*

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  1. You go Guy! Kick Hoodie’s non-existent outlaw ass! Meanwhile I’m going to have to go to bed, it’s 3.00 am… Time is flying a-Richarding! 🙂 Night, night, Gizzie and Angie! 🙂

    • Guy raises an eyebrow, arms folded across his chest as he lounges against the wall. He smirks. “So–you want to pay off your debt . . . well, I’ve an idea or two.”

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