Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Guy, darling. Your fangurlz demand more of you . . . because you do something to us


OK. I admit the Derriere of Deliciousness and the Prize Thighs really have my attention here. That is a fine figure of a man.

Seductive. Look up the word in the dictionary and there will be a photo of this guy.

Random photos of The Pretty


Yeah, even the back of his head makes me thud. I love the way his hair swirls and it looks so soft and touchable. (Photo by KoolKat courtesy of RANet)

Love the crinkles. And we can see a hint of the talking hands. Courtesy of RANet

Courtesy of RANet

(courtesy of allthingsrarmitage)

Luscious Lucas: Sexy secret agent makes other men green with envy


Oh, Lucas. You had me at "hello." Well, actually when you came out of that trunk. *sigh*

Lucas, you are luscious from every angle.

It's not just Sgt. Portah who can pull off wearing olive green. Lucas looks pretty yummy, too.

The smile, the eyes--the olive green shirt. It works for me.

Super Secret Agent Saturday continues . . . John Portah, my hero


OK, my computer temporarily died last night when the (new) battery hit empty and refused to re-charge via power card..  After fiddling around with it, it looks like the black box part of the charger has a short. A new one has been ordered, and in the meantime, I am sitting here with said box perched on my chest, which seems to keep it working. Infer from that what you will. Fingers crossed. At any rate, I have some more JP for you. Enjoy!

John Porter, a savior for damsels in distress and orphans in peril. When trouble calls, you want John Porter to answer.

A man who has proven his worth to a doubter.

Underneath the tough, no-nonsense soldier exterior beats the heart of a good man sent by God.

John Porter is so terrific, even nuns can't resist him. We certainly can't.