Guy, darling. Your fangurlz demand more of you . . . because you do something to us


OK. I admit the Derriere of Deliciousness and the Prize Thighs really have my attention here. That is a fine figure of a man.

Seductive. Look up the word in the dictionary and there will be a photo of this guy.

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  1. What a gorgeous video you are so clever Angie. Took my breath away. Don’t know if this is the place to ask but here goes. Have any of you read Bound by Honor by Collette Gale? It is described as “An erotic novel of Maid Marian” I found it recommened on Dreamerfiction.The authors dedication says Quote “For all the women who prefer Alan Rickman & Richard Armtage” It’s about Marian of Morlaix & Sir William de Wendeval Sherriff of Nottingham. (With some Prince John thrown in). Sir William is described as tall,dark & handsome with broad shoulders and sharp features who happens to ride a big black horse extremly well (remind you of anyone?) Arrow boy doesn’t get a look in lol!!. If you haven’t read it, it is very,very hot but a good story with plenty of romance.

  2. Don’t know about Kindle Angie. Haven’t got one still read “proper” books lol!!. Got mine off Amazon keep looking though well worth it

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