Luscious Lucas: Sexy secret agent makes other men green with envy


Oh, Lucas. You had me at "hello." Well, actually when you came out of that trunk. *sigh*

Lucas, you are luscious from every angle.

It's not just Sgt. Portah who can pull off wearing olive green. Lucas looks pretty yummy, too.

The smile, the eyes--the olive green shirt. It works for me.

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  1. Love this video! I’ve been watching some Lucas clips on YT and I was stunned the by the lack of chemistry again between GoR and RA! I mean, HE was trying but there was just no response from HER! And as for Maya.. Somebody commented on the kissing scene, “girl, you call THAT a kiss???” and I agree with it, she was soooo.. passive! I mean, come on, isn’t it the best job in the world? Kissing Richard Armitage and getting PAID for it? Show some enthusiasm already! Geez. Those two women!

    • I have to give Richard a total “A” for effort but his “love interests” were sadly lacking. Whilst you can manufacture chemistry, as Richard has said, you need both parties to be doing it for it to work. GOR looked like she’d rather be doing her nails or washing her hair most of the time. It made Lucas look like a numpty. *rolls eyes*

      I have commented that Maya just seemed like a passive lump. Pretty, sure, but not very expressive and curiously passionless to be this great love of Lucas’s life for whom he would throw everything he had built away. At least DDA seemed quite happy to have to re-shoot those train station scenes with RA. 😀

      • Makes you wonder if for some utterly bizarre reason, Spooks casting required that these actresses be completely immune, maybe zombies? I’d have to be so heavily medicated that I could barely stand to be that unresponsive!

        Yes, DDA definitely had lovely chemistry with Richard, and it worked to both their advantages. Lucy Griffiths had better chemistry with Richard than any of Lucas’ love interests in Spooks. Heck, the chemistry with Dawn French in VoD was better than with any of the frozen entrees from Spooks. Can you imagine her doing a guest spot in Spooks? Now, that would have been an episode.

  2. I totally agree Judit. LR and GoR should hang their heads in shame for wasting what, to any of us, would surely have been the dream ‘job’. If I’d have been them I might just have had to ‘accidentally’ mess up the scene a few times too. 😉

  3. If he hasn’t given up those cigarettes, he might be a pretty stinky tasting kisser. That’s the ONLY reason I could possibly think of for not having an incredibly wonderful time kissing Richard!!!

  4. That sounds good Leigh! LOL

    Even if he did smell like the worst ashtray in the world, I’m fairly confident I could have ‘forced’ myself to enjoy it more than those two actresses did. I’d be happy to test my theory – or the cigarette substitute one – sometime, just for ‘research’ purposes, you understand? 😉

    • Vicky, I think I would have managed to overlook the ashtray aspect too! And as for the method suggested by Leigh, I’d volunteer to help him quit! Every time he would get the urge for a fag we could have a kissing session instead! Pretty soon he’d stop smelliing like an ashtray…. *dreams on*

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