Wakee, Wakee . . . It’s Secret Agent Saturday!


Celebrating the secret agent men who go undercover for their countries and causes–Sgt. John Porter of MI-6, Security Services officer Lucas North of MI-5 and Heinz Kruger, secret agent for Hydra.

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  1. Another lovely video, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You know, the original Secret Agent, Patrick McGoohan, was my first ever and almost only crush (from when I was four years old) until his death in 2009. I was born in 1958, to give you an idea about how monogamous I am, LOL. When he was young he was almost otherworldly handsome with his Kennedy face, redgold hair and bright blue eyes. Luckily I found Richard just in time, actually in 2008, so that now I don’t feel orphaned. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lucas is sexier though, kissing his ladies and showing his wonderful body :-D. John Drake was a little prudish.

    • I liked Patrick McGoohan, too, Nietzsche! Very attractive man, that striking coloring, and a good actor. I have to admit crushing on him, too (although nothing like the way I feel about RA). Lucas, ah yes–he’s my favorite spy.

  2. I love it! Thanks Angie.

    These characters are like the ultimate underground spy-transportation system to me. From nice to naughty (or vice versa ;)) and back again. You can catch the Thud train at Porter station for ‘a bit of a treat’, go on to North Street to find out if ‘you are best at the real thing or faking it’, then (if you are feeling brave) ‘close your eyes’ and remember to take a diversion to Bateman Boulevard and end up in Heinz Hills for ‘the first of many’ interesting interludes until the return train turns up. LOL

  3. Angie, you know in my personal chart, first comes Guy, then comes Lucas, third comes Porter (or as you say Portah, right?).

    I love the video and the song you chose, but can I make a request for a “Like” button in your blog? I want to say how I like your readers’ comments!!

    Such a bunch of lovely ladies sharing tender memories and lovely confessions! You are a lucky blogger!

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