Just a few more hours . . . some RA yummmm to tide you over.


What a handsome fellow you are.

Fanstrav is almost here!!!! Let the bloggers roar . . .

Our sweet Richard, helping raise funds for earthquake relief in NZ.

Until FanstRAvaganza 3 hits, that is.  I’ve been fiddling again with my first post. Since my preview option stopped working for me (and I don’t know why) I am not entirely sure what it is going to look like as a published entry. Just trying to make sure all the required stuff is there, such as the link to my fellow tagteamer, the lovely and talented Annie Lucas.

I hope to see you later, ladies, and until then–something slow and sultry and something colorful, splashy and upbeat. But it’s ALL Armitage! (screencaps/photos courtesy of RANet)


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  1. I want to ask you if you know the song “je t’aime moi non plus” de Serge Gainsbourg.This song caused a scandal and was censored in many countries. Even the Pope condamned the song as immoral.. The single was banned in Sweden, Spain, Brazil, and Britain. There is an original version recorded with Brigitte Bardot and an other with Jane Birkin. I don’t know why I think it’s you who would be perfect to make a video “Guy Marian” ( or with other characters) with this torrid song !


    Yes I know I am a bit naughty today …..

    • I just read the lyrics and you are a lot naughty today, Nadia! 😉 I am familiar with it although it had been quite a while since I heard it. I remember watching a documentary about Gainsbourg that alos featured Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg. A very interesting and somewhat controversial fellow. I will have to give it some thought–I wish there were more sexy love scenes in Richard’s career with actresses with whom there was chemistry. It would give me more material with which to work! 😉

      • Sniff he had had no many sexy woman as partners. Poor boy ! I understand your problem. It would be hard and painful to make a video montage with Mr Wonderful and Sarah Caulfield !!!! But think of it please.

        • Yeah, Freezer Queen/the Evil Popsicle Bitch/Sarah Caulfield isn’t exactly what I would call a hot, sexy partner for poor Lucas. But I will think things over and see what I can do.

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