Beautiful photo manip of Sir Guy in his black leather glory by Karima.

This poem is from Maid Marian’s POV. In spite of her assurances to Robin it is otherwise, she is, in fact, more than a little curious and stirred by Guy. She finds herself imagining what the master-at-arms is like beneath all that black leather . . .

Beneath the Leather

What lies beneath the leather?
She had often wondered
Beneath his buttery-soft black armor;
Beneath his second skin . . .

Strong arms to embrace her,
Capable hands to cup her face?
Broad chest to touch, to kiss,
To lie against in the velvet black night?

Sinuous legs to wrap round her,
Strong thighs to claim her as their own,
That hidden part so unknown to a maiden,
Ready to enter her, to join them as one . . .

What would she find, she wondered,
If he shed his leather shield,
And came to her, naked and ready,
To make her a maiden no more.

What lies beneath the leather?
She had often wondered,
Beneath his buttery-soft black armor,
Beneath his second skin . . .

Don’t forget, Fastrav3 continues!

Oh, what the heck, more Sir Guy. “Beneath the Leather”

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  1. Yes, certainly in our imaginings, we delight in what’s under there. The leather both separates him from sensation and adds to it. We hope he will take off his gloves like that and touch… We want him undone and unlaced, revealing what the leather only promises. (A courgette and a couple of plums? A clue — NOT!)

  2. Very sensual, Angie… It suddenly struck me that Maid Marian probably died as a maiden! (Unless she let Bobbin have his wicked way with her when she was staying with the outlaws in the forest? Hmm..) If only stupid Bobbin had not been there spying on her and Guy when she visited Guy that night, who knows what might have happened… *sigh*

      • You know, she didn’t seem to have all that much fun when she was living with Forest Boy and his gang in Sherwood. If stupid Bobbin had kept his small-and-singularly-nonmagnificent nose out of things, what might have transpired??

          • Oh, yes. Imagine if she’d had a passionate affair with Guy and found herself falling in love with him, while still trying to maintain her loyalties to Robin and his gang . . . torn between them . . . of course, love scenes would have been needed. Which would have probably taken it out of the kid-friendly slot, because I suspect Richard and Lucy could have done some serious steaming up of our screens. 😉

    • She missed out on such joy and ecstasy by playing the martyr in the desert. *sigh* Just imagine having to be tumbled by Forest Boy with a bunch of smelly outlaws nearby? Ewwwww.

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