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If only there WAS an All-Richard Armitage Channel . . .


Imagine gathering around the TV with fellow RA fans in flesh or in spirt for an RA marathon you could enjoy any day of the year. Break out the popcorn and beverage of choice! (photo from tvwriting12)

“I suppose you wish there was a channel with nothing but Armitage on it, don’t you?” My husband commented one night while I was working on a fanvid.
“Oh–yes. I do. That would be wonderful . . .” In my best breathy voice, I batted my eyelashes and then made an exaggerated “squee” sound. He teases me, I tease him back.

Truthfully, I do wish such a channel existed on Dish Network. We have a jillion other channels, many of which I have never watched; why not have one devoted to to the total package of talent, class, beauty, sex appeal and intelligence that is our sweet Richard?

I live in the U.S. and in my part of the country, Robin Hood is the only series of RA’s that has aired (thank you, Sir Guy of Gisborne, for introducing me to the Armitage Effect). There are local PBS stations that have carried some, if not all, of the series of Spooks featuring RA. It hasn’t happened here, unfortunately.

Hmmmm . . . an all-ME channel. I mean, are you sure anyone would want to watch it? ~ Yes, Richard, we ARE.

Sure, most of us who have been in the fandom very long have most, if not all, of his performances on DVD or saved to our computers or DVRs. If our connection is fast enough, we can watch streaming video online. We don’t have to rely on scheduled television broadcasts to get our RA fix.

Still, there is something rather special to me about sitting down and watching Richard on the telly and knowing fellow RA fans in my part of the world are doing the same. Somehow, it also makes me feel like I am showing my solidarity as a member of Armitage World.

So, imagine, if you will–24 hours a day, seven days a week, uncut and commercial-free (unless it features RA, of course. RA could sell anything and I would buy it). All Richard Armitage. All the time.  All the shows/films he has appeared in/narrated. All the behind-the-scenes featurettes and all his interviews. Oh, and a separate audio channel offering everything he’s done in the audio field.  The best RA fanvids, too! Heaven . . . I’d be in heaven . . . *swoon*

To paraphrase Sting — “I want my, I want RATV . . .”

FanstRAvaganza 3 Day 3 : Fandom–Music & the Making of Armitage Videos


What an effect Richard Armitage addiction can have on one’s musical tastes.
Like many of you, I have always loved music; my older sister was a marvelously talented pianist and I spent many happy hours listening to her play. I sing and have performed as a soloist for everything from weddings to Christmas parties to singing the National Anthem for an institute-wide convocation.  But, as in so many other areas, the life-altering experience that is the Armitage Effect brought me a whole new perspective on music.

Frankly, I never considered myself to be much of a Britney Spears fan until Richard Armitage and Heathra’s “Womanizer” came into my life, along with Principessa’s “Kill the Lights” and “Break the Ice.” Maddeningly catchy songs tied to a maddeningly irresistible man.

I became a massive Lady Gaga fan because of RA and Delicateblossom’s “Poker Face.”  DB likes to say she has no shame when crafting these delightful vids; I think she need not feel a moment of trepidation. And the woman really CAN sing.

It’s more than just Troubled Pop Tarts and Bizarre Divas I came to appreciate.  I also discovered the Kings of Leon and Muse and gained a greater appreciation for the vocal stylings of Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry. My love for classical compositions, torch songs and the old standards was re-ignited. From Adele and AC/DC to Yo-Yo Ma and  ZZ Top, Richard + music+ vidders=expanded horizons for Richard Armitage fans.

Amongst my favorites are a variety of fanvids, a little something for all my moods: funny, sexy, sweet, angsty, heart-wrenching, thoughtful. But the common denominator that seals the deal for me (other than the presence of Richard Armitage, of course) is the music.

Which comes first–the song or the concept for the video?

Now that I make my own captioned slideshow vids, more than ever I find myself keying in on songs that capture my attention and asking myself, “Would this make a good RA vid? Which character (s) would it suit best? Can I craft a story around it?”

At times a song gets stuck in my head and just won’t get out of it until I do make a video. I also take suggestions from fellow RA fans, which led me to make “He’s So Shy” and “Dirrty,” amongst other vids. And who amongst us can hear “Sexyback” and not think of Heather’s fabulous trio of vids set to the Justin Timberlake song? WE all know who really brought sexy back, and, sorry, JT, it ain’t you.

This infectious current pop hit is one of those that stuck in my head. Like “Womanizer,” the real RA seems so completely the opposite of these lyrics. It’s one of my favs when I want something funny, upbeat and sexy.

Sometimes a certain genre of music seems to perfectly fit a character. Guy seems to fare particularly well with hard-rocking 80’s metal, perhaps because of that “face like thunder” and the fact our dark knight with his Guyliner, leather and sexy swagger looks not unlike a rock god from the past. I admit I have fun being tongue-in-cheek with Guy quite often and with the whole spirit of Robin Hood 2006, with its rampant anachronisms and improbable plots. So–why NOT create a medieval disco in Nottingham Castle as I did in one of my vids?.

Lucas. Ah, poignant, introspective, enigmatic, a haunted man. A man of thought and action. So complex a character that music in a variety of styles suits. Spy series themes, Coldpay, Kevin Rudolf.  I love this vid, also from Heathdances, featuring Muse.

John Porter of Strike Back. Brave, resourceful, tough-as-nails, yet tender and gentle, too–and sexy as hell. A hero to admire and lust after. Who better than Nine Inch Nails and Delicateblossom to bring us hard-driving Porter goodness?

For a character like Claude Monet, the passionate, incandescent artist, I wanted an instrumental, something with a classical feel. Master cellist Yo-Yo Ma and friends and this tune “First Impressions” from the “Appalachian Waltz” album was my choice.

Fanvids can vary from the sublime to the ridiculous. Thorin. Regal, heroic, masterful–and very, very hairy. So why not this fun vid celebrating perhaps his most distinctive feature–all that long, beautiful hair?

And I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get in the mood for something steamy. And Mr. A and his chaRActers can definitely inspire me. I think Servetus described this song as “ridiculously sexy.” See what you think.

Last of all, this video celebrating our lovely Richard’s career and his bright future, set to the soaring, ethereal soprano of Elizaveta, operatic singer turned pop chanteuse. I think it’s a bit like looking through a colorful scrapbook set to music, the scrapbook of someone much loved and admired.

I want to say thanks to the many very talented vidders who have brought me hours of RA deliciousness, particularly to the two ladies whose work was spotlighted here, Delicateblossom and Heathra (Heathdances). My simple vids are a far, far cry from the complex and creative stuff these ladies do, but I have to say–it’s so much FUN! (And if I can do it, anyone can.)

So, vidders, what sort of music inspires you and how you do go about choosing the music for your fanvids? Fanfic viewers, what are some of your favorite RA videos and vidders? And do you find yourself forever after associating Richard with those fanvid songs?

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Help homeless pets find fur-ever homes. Courtesy of desktopnexus.com

My gedankenexperiment re RA: TAE Word for the Day


Now this, ladies and gents, is a proper word–the sort that makes fedoralady sit up and take notice!
gedankenexperiment: (noun) a thought experiment; an experiment carried out in imagination only.

The etymology: today’s word comes from the German word gedanke (thought) + experiment. Earlier documented use: 1913.

The sight of Gizzy tied to a tree makes me consider a gedankenexperiment in which I attempt to undo all the straps and buckles to his Milanese designer threads before he can work the ropes loose. What gedankenexperiment would you like to perform on/with an RA ChaRActer?

Remember, it pays to increase your word power . . .  (screencap courtesy of RANet)

“Twofer” Tuesday with Gizzy and the sexy sergeant


As FanstRAvaganza continues across the RA blogging community, let’s start Tuesday with a double dose of rockin’ RA ChaRActers, shall we?? These guys will get your blood pumping, we guarantee it.

And here's our hot hero in khaki and camo--or in this case, his birthday suit. Which fits extremely well.


Here comes our gorgeous dark knight, the true hero of the piece for those with discriminating tastes.

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)

No Hotter Baddie Than Guy (Everybody sing!!)


The best baddie and hottest henchman in all of Nottingham.

NO Hotter Baddie Than Guy

A little tribute to my favorite Velveteen Hot Henchman which I wrote after his *cough* “death” (he is SND—So Not Dead). Very tongue in cheek and written when tired and giddy. Fellow blogger fanny/iz4blue coaxed me into originally posting this at Wattpad, as I recall.

(sung –more or less – to the tune of “There’s No Business Like Show Business”)

There’s no hot-ness like Guy hot-ness

He sizzles, smolders and smirks!

We love his soft, sweet lips, they’re so appealing!



And quiver every time he takes a bite-

Strong jaw, white teeth, pink tongue just leave us reel-ing,

And yes, we’re feel-ing some hot Glove Love.  (whooo!)



There’s no gor-geous like Guy gor-geous

He’s so gor-geous it hurts!

Every azure gaze is mesmerizing –

Every velvet word, it does caress!


His glossy, raven mane is so alluring

It’s got me purring, I must confess!

There’s NO sexy like Guy sexy –

He helped bring sexy back!



In leather or in pirate shirts, he pleases much

His smiles will make you blush and turn to goo!

Snug “trous” accentuate those lovely peaches

And Guy, your peaches, make us drool, too –



There’s no hench-man like our hench-man,

No cardboard bad-die is he!



No matter where you go around this great big world

You’ll find no better baddie, this complex baddie,

This gorgeous baddie called Guy!  (Hurrah!!!)

~Jazz hands, everyone!!~