If only there WAS an All-Richard Armitage Channel . . .


Imagine gathering around the TV with fellow RA fans in flesh or in spirt for an RA marathon you could enjoy any day of the year. Break out the popcorn and beverage of choice! (photo from tvwriting12)

“I suppose you wish there was a channel with nothing but Armitage on it, don’t you?” My husband commented one night while I was working on a fanvid.
“Oh–yes. I do. That would be wonderful . . .” In my best breathy voice, I batted my eyelashes and then made an exaggerated “squee” sound. He teases me, I tease him back.

Truthfully, I do wish such a channel existed on Dish Network. We have a jillion other channels, many of which I have never watched; why not have one devoted to to the total package of talent, class, beauty, sex appeal and intelligence that is our sweet Richard?

I live in the U.S. and in my part of the country, Robin Hood is the only series of RA’s that has aired (thank you, Sir Guy of Gisborne, for introducing me to the Armitage Effect). There are local PBS stations that have carried some, if not all, of the series of Spooks featuring RA. It hasn’t happened here, unfortunately.

Hmmmm . . . an all-ME channel. I mean, are you sure anyone would want to watch it? ~ Yes, Richard, we ARE.

Sure, most of us who have been in the fandom very long have most, if not all, of his performances on DVD or saved to our computers or DVRs. If our connection is fast enough, we can watch streaming video online. We don’t have to rely on scheduled television broadcasts to get our RA fix.

Still, there is something rather special to me about sitting down and watching Richard on the telly and knowing fellow RA fans in my part of the world are doing the same. Somehow, it also makes me feel like I am showing my solidarity as a member of Armitage World.

So, imagine, if you will–24 hours a day, seven days a week, uncut and commercial-free (unless it features RA, of course. RA could sell anything and I would buy it). All Richard Armitage. All the time. Β All the shows/films he has appeared in/narrated. All the behind-the-scenes featurettes and all his interviews. Oh, and a separate audio channel offering everything he’s done in the audio field.Β  The best RA fanvids, too! Heaven . . . I’d be in heaven . . . *swoon*

To paraphrase Sting — “I want my, I want RATV . . .”

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  1. Are you kidding Richard?? We’d be SO glued to it we might forget to eat or sleep!! Hopefully we will remember to breathe but there might be a lot of squeeing, swooning, drooling etc!! πŸ˜€

    • You know how modest and self-effacing he is. Which just makes us adore him all the more and want to see more of him. *sigh* I can envision us wide-eyed, rapt attention paid to the screen, little dribbles of drool running down the corners of our mouths . . . but we’d be happy. πŸ˜‰

  2. Well, if there is a Poker Channel and Fishing and Hunting Channel why shouldn’t there be an Armitage Channel? Btw, my RA DVDs have STILL not arrived from Amazon UK, even though the order was dispatched on the 27th Feb. 😦 I so hope Amazon will be true to their word and replace my order. Or reimburse the money.

      • They’ve arrived, I went to collect them from the Post Office this evening! There was a seemingly endless queue at 19.30 but I couldn’t care less, I would have queued for those DVDs for hours! πŸ™‚ So all’s well that ends well! πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like my idea of absolute bliss, and I could even handle advertisements providing everything else on the channel was RA related! πŸ™‚ I would get NOTHING done though, so perhaps it’s just as well such a channel doesn’t exist. *sigh*

    • Yeah, it’s true, it might cause problems with, you know, jobs, chores around the house, personal hygiene, relationships with our loved ones . . . probably just as well. Still . . . *sigh*

  4. That would be brilliant. When I first discovered Richard Armitage, about a year ago, it was watching North and South. I had just finished the novel for grad school and was more than happy to watch the film. Of course, the movie prompted me to IMDB the exquisite actor, and henceforth; I spent three months tracking down all of Mr. Armitage’s work. What a pain in the butt it is when television in the United States decides to omit these shows. After countless hours scouring BBC online and adding it to my television lineup, befriending youtube and netflix, I settled down a tad bit. How I would have loved to just turn on a channel and have Mr. Armitage all day and all night on my television set.

    • Welcome, Just a Girl!

      My sentiments exactly about how difficult it is to obtain Mr. A’s work here in the US. Because I was still on dial-up when I first became a fan, it was hard for me to even watch fanvideos (I used to sneak peeks at work). I have DSL now but it’s not high speed enough to watch anything on YT or any place else, without buffering. In order to see his other work, I had to collect his DVDs over time. Thank goodness BBCA decided to air Robin Hood here or I STILL might not know who he was!

      My hopes are that as The Hobbit approaches, BBCA will decide to do an RA Marathon to promote the facts one of their stars is playing such a key role in a major film. It’s not likely, but a girl can dream.

  5. I would have to buy a television and a strong satellite dish, and subscribe to the service, but yes, I want my RATV!

      • I would become a total hermit if RATV was created and a very happy hermit I would be too. Showers, work, sleep, shopping, social life … all these things and more are over-rated IMHO. πŸ˜‰

        I don’t care how much the service would cost and how much equipment I (as a techno phobic) would need to get, I would suffer any amount of techno-confusion and empty wallet syndrome to get this channel.

        But woe-betide it if the technology ever broke down!

  6. A definite YES for RATV! What a wonderful idea! i would have to go to work outside hone, which would prevent me from becoming a total hermit.;) As it would be a 24/7 channel, I could sometimes go out without missing anything. Perhaps I could survive πŸ™‚

  7. Very tempting vision! but.. Oh…NO!..NO!..I must end my computer classes,I must find good job(in my field),I must drive my doughter to school, to karate classes, to guitar classes.Who will feed the fish, hamster, dog and occasionally my hubby?

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