My gedankenexperiment re RA: TAE Word for the Day


Now this, ladies and gents, is a proper word–the sort that makes fedoralady sit up and take notice!
gedankenexperiment: (noun) a thought experiment; an experiment carried out in imagination only.

The etymology: today’s word comes from the German word gedanke (thought) + experiment. Earlier documented use: 1913.

The sight of Gizzy tied to a tree makes me consider a gedankenexperimentΒ in which I attempt to undo all the straps and buckles to his Milanese designer threads before he can work the ropes loose. What gedankenexperiment would you like to perform on/with an RA ChaRActer?

Remember, it pays to increase your word power . . .Β  (screencapΒ courtesy of RANet)

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  1. My gedankenexperiment would involve going with Sweetie John on many excursions in a variety of vehicles to different places to thoroughly test if his ‘difficulties’ on the amorous front could be cured by a change of scenery and/vehicle. Or, more specifically, a change of partner. πŸ™‚

    This experiment would also be good I suspect for testing the suspension on the vehicle. LOL

  2. The great thing about writing fan fiction is being able to make all the best fantasies come true. There are plenty of imaginative experiments this post just inspired. The word for the day, gedankenexperiment, is awesome, and purely because it is now synonymous with Richard Armitage (well at least, from now on, it is for me); I will use it randomly this week, and colleagues will stare at me as if I just flew in from Mars. I have only recently (well in the last year) discovered Mr. Armitage’s great talent, and your site does him great justice.

    • Thank you, my dear! I saw this word and said, “Ah, absolutely meant for TAE!” Have fun using gedankenexperiment and making your co-workers wonder what in the world you are up to . . .and yes, I agree about fanfiction. Being able to take flights of fancy and create new universes and experiences for our beloved characters, places the scriptwriters did not, could not or would not think of taking them.

    • Yes, in my gedankenexperiment, my speed in unwrapping this beautiful man would certainly exceed his attempts to get himself loose, and very soon he would lose all desire for freedom–but not lose all desire, if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

  3. LOL….I love the word. If I am pronouncing it right, it sounds sexy. My gedankenexperiment changes constantly. Sometimes the ropes stay, other times, it all comes off.

  4. Let’s see…um…oh wow…gotta go take a cold shower!!! Thanks, my imagination has gone into overdrive!

  5. I am definitely a member of the naughty bunny club. Although would time dilate if Richard and I were on that same streetcar (named Desire, yeah) approaching the speed of light…

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