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Reductio Ad Absurdum Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


Sir Guy, once more being bested by his enemies. He still looks hot, though.

Gosh, I feel practically highbrow with these latest words–not in Dr. Servetus’s territory, but drifting in that direction.

reductio ad absurdum: (noun) Demonstration of the falsity of a premise by showing an absurdity to which it would logically lead.

The first assocation I made with Richard Armitage and his characters and today’s word: Guy of Gisborne. Guy is the sheriff’s master-at-arms. He is a trained knight, experienced in weaponry, tall, broad-shouldered and very fit *squee!* And yet he is constantly getting whupped by a woman more than half a foot shorter than he and a weedy-looking Justin Beiber look-alike.

I find it a reductio ad absurdum that a vile creature like the sheriff would have kept Guy in his office– that he would have been promoted to that office by Vasey–if Gisborne were as much of an numpty as he was presented to be. Perhaps the Treacherous Troll wouldn’t have killed Guy or had him killed in a fit of pique; rather, he would have kept Guy around in a more menial position so he could continue to enjoy abusing and belittling him. Vasey wan’t a sentimental type. He wouldn’t have kept Guy as his master-at-arms just because he was pretty and had a great arse.

Oh, I know, I know–it’s a child-friendly show so the baddies had to be made to look like incompetent fools. I’m just sayin’ . . .

I am sure you can think of other cases of reductio ad absurdum related to RA and his characters.

Flashback: Wild Man Guy and the Mysterious Appeal of the Greasy Mane


Those mad eyes peering through the dark tangle of hair, the open mouth--oh dear. Such a visceral reaction.

Yeah, he's unkempt. He's dirty. But I would still try to wrestle him down and drag him off to my womancave for fun and games. Then clean him up afterwards. Bathtime can be fun, no?

(I wrote this a while back and posted at LJ. And Wild Man Guy still has this effect on me. I should add my husband is astonishingly good-humored about my whole RA addiction. But sometimes I do make him scratch his head a bit.)

The Mysterious Appeal of a Greasy Mane; or My Spouse Thinks I’m Crazy

Men just don’t get it sometimes. That knowledge was reinforced this weekend when my husband watched the first episode of Robin Hood S3 when they re-ran it on BBC America.

“Is that him?” Benny queried, as a boozy, hollow-eyed Sir Guy of Gisborne, his greasy, tangled mane falling across his face, told Jasper and the sheriff he had killed Robin “with these hands.”

“Richard? Yes, that’s him in the center – Guy,” carefully avoiding any “squee”- type response. I try to be sensitive to the male ego. And I do love the dear old thing (50 next month).

“The gay-looking guy?” He said incredulously.

I huffed just a little. “He is s-o-o-o not gay.”

He rolled his eyes and moved over to the computer desk, as I continued to watch my gorgeous and so-not-gay dark knight.

His eyes would occasionally stray upwards to where the TV sat.

“You see, Richard can really act with that hair, honey. Guy’s all angsty and in torment right now because of what happened with Marian . . .”

Benny’s expression remained noncommittal.

“And I find it – very – appealing.”

He gave me that “you must be crazy” look I’ve seen a few too many times.

“Look, I can appreciate a good-looking guy, but that-” he jerked his head toward Shaggy Guy’s image – “that greasy mop and all is just not attractive.”

I sighed. ~Oh, it is to me, honey. The things I want to do to him. And then the fun I’d have cleaning him up afterwards~

Discretion being the better part of valor, I kept those thoughts to myself.

“He has a real animal magnetism. It’s like I have this – primal response,” I said with a rather sheepish shrug.

“Hmmmm.” Raising a skeptical brow, he shook his head.

Sir Guy of Gisborne (BBC TV drama)

Image via Wikipedia

Of course, we all know Sir Guy cleans up nicely. But I like him dirty, too.

Undaunted, I showed him my lovely netbook wallpaper featuring shots of Richard circa “Cold Feet.”
“Now you have to agree he looks perfectly presentable there,” I insisted.“Yeah, he looks OK there.”

~OK? I want to lick my computer screen!~

“Anyway, it’s a good thing he’s off in England, it’ll limit your opportunities to stalk him,” he added dryly.

~As if! I mean, really~

It was no use. He just couldn’t comprehend the fact that a boozy, greasy, wild-eyed medieval knight played by one Mr. Armitage was a breed apart.

I did have one triumphant moment. He knows I am no great admirer of Robin.

“I’ll agree with you on one thing,” he said. “That Robin Hood is sure nothing to write home about . . .”

Finally. A meeting of the minds.

Men just don’t get it sometimes, do they?

Prayers for the families of those killed in bus crash in Switzerland


I just heard on BBC World that a two- bus crash in Switzerland left 28 people dead, 22 of them 12-year-old children, with many more injured. They were returning to Belgium after a ski trip. The families of those killed are journeying to Switzerland now. No cause yet established; apparently the drivers had good records, as did the bus company and the bus itself was equipped with seatbelts.  I can only imagine the heartbreak of those who lost children, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.

Wild, wild Wednesday with the ChaRActers–Wake up with Porter and the boys


Alpha was one of my very first fanvids, so it’s rougher than some of the later ones. But Hungry Like a Wolf has got to be a song tailor-made for Sir Guy.

My gosh, Sgt. Portah, but you look freakin’ good when you wake up after having a wound cauterized. Those eyes! That mouth!
That noshable neck and the stubbled jaw . . .

Yep, Guy, Lucas and Porter can whip us up into a frenzy not unlike a hurricane . . .

Are you awake yet, ladies? Feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed?