Flashback: Wild Man Guy and the Mysterious Appeal of the Greasy Mane


Those mad eyes peering through the dark tangle of hair, the open mouth--oh dear. Such a visceral reaction.

Yeah, he's unkempt. He's dirty. But I would still try to wrestle him down and drag him off to my womancave for fun and games. Then clean him up afterwards. Bathtime can be fun, no?

(I wrote this a while back and posted at LJ. And Wild Man Guy still has this effect on me. I should add my husband is astonishingly good-humored about my whole RA addiction. But sometimes I do make him scratch his head a bit.)

The Mysterious Appeal of a Greasy Mane; or My Spouse Thinks I’m Crazy

Men just don’t get it sometimes. That knowledge was reinforced this weekend when my husband watched the first episode of Robin Hood S3 when they re-ran it on BBC America.

“Is that him?” Benny queried, as a boozy, hollow-eyed Sir Guy of Gisborne, his greasy, tangled mane falling across his face, told Jasper and the sheriff he had killed Robin “with these hands.”

“Richard? Yes, that’s him in the center – Guy,” carefully avoiding any “squee”- type response. I try to be sensitive to the male ego. And I do love the dear old thing (50 next month).

“The gay-looking guy?” He said incredulously.

I huffed just a little. “He is s-o-o-o not gay.”

He rolled his eyes and moved over to the computer desk, as I continued to watch my gorgeous and so-not-gay dark knight.

His eyes would occasionally stray upwards to where the TV sat.

“You see, Richard can really act with that hair, honey. Guy’s all angsty and in torment right now because of what happened with Marian . . .”

Benny’s expression remained noncommittal.

“And I find it – very – appealing.”

He gave me that “you must be crazy” look I’ve seen a few too many times.

“Look, I can appreciate a good-looking guy, but that-” he jerked his head toward Shaggy Guy’s image – “that greasy mop and all is just not attractive.”

I sighed. ~Oh, it is to me, honey. The things I want to do to him. And then the fun I’d have cleaning him up afterwards~

Discretion being the better part of valor, I kept those thoughts to myself.

“He has a real animal magnetism. It’s like I have this – primal response,” I said with a rather sheepish shrug.

“Hmmmm.” Raising a skeptical brow, he shook his head.

Sir Guy of Gisborne (BBC TV drama)

Image via Wikipedia

Of course, we all know Sir Guy cleans up nicely. But I like him dirty, too.

Undaunted, I showed him my lovely netbook wallpaper featuring shots of Richard circa “Cold Feet.”
“Now you have to agree he looks perfectly presentable there,” I insisted.“Yeah, he looks OK there.”

~OK? I want to lick my computer screen!~

“Anyway, it’s a good thing he’s off in England, it’ll limit your opportunities to stalk him,” he added dryly.

~As if! I mean, really~

It was no use. He just couldn’t comprehend the fact that a boozy, greasy, wild-eyed medieval knight played by one Mr. Armitage was a breed apart.

I did have one triumphant moment. He knows I am no great admirer of Robin.

“I’ll agree with you on one thing,” he said. “That Robin Hood is sure nothing to write home about . . .”

Finally. A meeting of the minds.

Men just don’t get it sometimes, do they?

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  1. Great post!! Some people, not only men, just don’t understand. You’re right about our reaction. It is visceral. I want to attack him like an animal when he’s like that. It’s so amazing that shy, sweet Richard can act like that!!! His performance in S3 is so breathtaking. Every episode I want to reach through the screen for him!!

    • It was like a huge punch to my solar plexus when I saw Guy, so wild and animalistic, right on the edge of madness. I suppose it’s a good way to exorcise any demons one might find lurking around in one’s normally mild-mannered and sweet-natured psyche. He was utterly and absolutely brilliant in S3. I don’t always remember much about other elements of the stories, but I remember Guy, oh yes.

  2. “Discretion being the better part of valor, I kept those thoughts to myself” LOL 1
    I’m sure you are keeping the most part of your thoughts about Guy for you, Angie!

    “…avoiding any “squee”- type response” LOL 2
    Are you sure you succeeded? It’s not necessary to own a radar to intercept signals of dangerous animal attraction for our beloved Sir.

    That’s the reason why I cannot watch a single RH episode with my husband sneaking around the TV….

  3. LOL.It is hard to explain sometimes and refrain from squee-ing. Frankly, I cannot understand anyone who doesn’t want to squee at the sight of GoG or RA!

    Your hubby sounds wonderful.

  4. Funny.”It’s a good thing he’s off in England”. Too cute.Your husband has a great sense of humour. You’re a lucky Lady !

    • Yes, I am very lucky. He has a marvelous sense of humor and that is a character trait that I love seeing in others as it is important to me. RA also seems to have a great sense of humor, one more thing that endears me to him. *sigh*

  5. I usually try to usher my nearest and dearest out of the room (and preferably house!) whenever watching Richard so I can drool, squee and think naughty things alone.

    The family friendly scheduling of Robin Hood was always tricky though and I doubt I will ever forget trying and failing not to react while watching greasy, wild man Guy in series 3.

    More than once I had family members look at me strangely and ask if I was OK LOL. Clearly some just don’t understand that a woman drooling copiously, squeeing loudly and having her eyes go into a heart shape while thinking secret very naughty thoughts are in fact perfectly healthy and normal reactions and not at all inficative of the need for a doctor (except Dr Track perhaps).

  6. I’m lucky that my husband has early work starts so week nights I have the TV to myself and I can watch as much Richard as I want…which is a lot! It’s the reason I have been able keep my RAdmiration a secret as long as I have! 😉

  7. Although I couldn’t get the DVD extras except from YT, I used Netflix streaming to my laptop to watch Richard in RH, N&S, George Gently, and Spooks, mostly in the privacy of my bedroom, but Netflix only works in the U.S.. The data Netflix has on my viewing habits is no doubt quite revealing.

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