Prayers for the families of those killed in bus crash in Switzerland


I just heard on BBC World that a two- bus crash in Switzerland left 28 people dead, 22 of them 12-year-old children, with many more injured. They were returning to Belgium after a ski trip. The families of those killed are journeying to Switzerland now. No cause yet established; apparently the drivers had good records, as did the bus company and the bus itself was equipped with seatbelts.  I can only imagine the heartbreak of those who lost children, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.

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  1. I read early in the morning this news but didn’t know the victims were Belgian kids. I am so sad today with my fellow countrymen. Belgium is in mourning.
    The drivers are dead.

  2. I am in shock. I have no words. When they were younger, my kids had ski trips in Switzerland with their school like those children. The lost of a child is unbearable and I am terribly touched by this tragedy.

  3. So sad… I did the same as a child ..( 6th graders celebrate their last year at elementary school) I’m consoling myself with the hope that they were asleep. I can’t fathom coping with such tragedy. It makes one think of how often we hand over the fate ofmour children to others ..

    • Iz,
      I had momentarily forgotten you hailed from Belgium, too. Truly sorry for this tragedy involving your countrymen. I,too, hope they were asleep and never knew what happened. I have no children, but if something like this had happened to one of my nieces or nephews I would have been devastated. I can only imagine what it is like for a parent.

    • It sounds as if the buses were in good condition, the drivers, rested, with sound records.Since they died, too, we may never know exactly what happened. Freakish things can happen so very quickly and, as you say, S, it really might not be anyone’s fault. Just a terrible thing to happen.

  4. Such tragic news and the pictures just add to the shock of it. My heart goes out to all the families and friends who are left to grieve. Losing a child just doesn’t bear thinking about.

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