Wild, wild Wednesday with the ChaRActers–Wake up with Porter and the boys


Alpha was one of my very first fanvids, so it’s rougher than some of the later ones. But Hungry Like a Wolf has got to be a song tailor-made for Sir Guy.

My gosh, Sgt. Portah, but you look freakin’ good when you wake up after having a wound cauterized. Those eyes! That mouth!
That noshable neck and the stubbled jaw . . .

Yep, Guy, Lucas and Porter can whip us up into a frenzy not unlike a hurricane . . .

Are you awake yet, ladies? Feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed?

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  1. Good Morning gorgeous!!! To wake up next to all that…oooo I might have to have my eyes fixed so I could see him clearer!

  2. This shot of Porter is absolutely mouth-watering. Good lord, the man is supposed to be injured, yet he still generates enough heat to short-circuit my wiring! *thud*

  3. Now that is a portrait I would love to hang on my wall by my bed (or in the bed)!

    Another ‘waking’ moment that never fails with me is when Lucas is woken by that bloomin’ ‘American’ woman knocking on his door. Black vest, bed hair, sleepy eyes, velvet sleepy voice and an offer of ‘breakfast’ (it’s not cornflakes or toast I’d be wanting though ;)). What more could a girl want?

  4. 😀 tototo tototo tototo tototo to toto ! Great vid Angie!( Duran Duran?)
    Oh yesss..this Guy( 04:03- 04:08) rocks me like a hurricane! 😉 I love Skorpions!

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