Thorin Oakenshield: He’s So Fine!

Thor-in, Thor-in, Thorin . . . Thorin, Thorin!

He’s so fine (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

Wish he were mine (That heir of Du-rin)

That handsome dwarf right there (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

The one with the long, long hair! (The heir of Du-rin)

I don’t know how I’m gonna do it (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

But I’m gonna make him mine! (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

He’s the envy of the fangurlz (that heir of Du-rin)

It’s just a matter of time! (before Thor-in is mine)

He’s got a big, sharp blade (that hottie dwarf I love)

With him, I’d have it made! (a gift of heav’n above!)

Makes me tingle just to think (of Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

Hey Thorin, give me a wink (you heir of Du-rin) . . .

If I were Thorin’s queen (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

with him I’d share a throne (the heir of Durin)

I’d be his loving, loyal queen (Tho-rin, Thor-in, Thor-in)

And he’d be my very own! (my heir of Du-rin)

For he’s so fine (That hottie dwarf sublime)

He’s so fine (I’m gonna make him mine)

So fine, so fine, so fine . . .

Thorin for Thursday (because he’s soooo fine) with apologies to the Chiffons

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  1. Had to look up the Chiffons on YT, have never heard of this song before! How many days to go until The Hobbit opens? Are you feeling any better, Angie?

    • That song was a hit a long time ago, so I am not surprised you didn’t know it. 😉 I just thought of Thorin and how he’s so fine . . . and then started singing to myself. Ah, the premiere draws ever closer. I got a few hours sleep and still kind of “hung over” but better than I was, thanks. My next Fanstrav post is all ready to go, just have to hit the publish button in just under two hours.

  2. I remember it well… I love your take on it; I don’t think you’ve any need to apologize. He is soooo fine, it’s true.
    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better; I hope the trend continues.

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