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Guy just can’t get no satisfaction


A furious Guy lays into Isabella for interfering with his goal of finally getting rid of Hood once and for all. Yet another plan has gone awry.

After shoving over some furniture and giving a marvelous whipping of the hair, Guy is beginning to calm down. Good Lord knows, he's been thwarted enough times in his life, he should be familiar with the sensation.

I can never think of Guy as out-and-out evil as the Sheriff was, even though the master-at-arms could be brutal and harsh. There was an almost heart-aching vulnerability and gullibility about Guy at times. The sheriff manipulated him, Marian manipulated him; and now his not-terribly-stable sister appears on the scene to manipulate him further.

.Guy’s humanity, his “weakness” as Vasey tells him, is showing again. His fragile-looking sister appealing to his chivalrous instincts, begging him with wide eyes to protect her. We can see the emotions in those expressive eyes of his, in the set of his jaw. In spite of his frustation and rage, Guy is softening to her. Oh Guy, don’t trust her.


After years of depravation, those choccie-covered doughnuts must have been absolutely delicious to Lucas. I think I understand in some small way.

Eating supper tonight I could only think of a smiling John Mulligan and his fish and chips bag. Handsome devil.

So I finally got to go out and enjoy a meal with hubby and make that all-important trip to the pharmacy for those necessary items–my medicated shampoo (I have a psoriasis-like scalp condition and can’t do without the stuff), new razors and scented shaving gel, sensitive skin cleansing cloths and most important, another box of John Freida medium golden blonde hair color. Because the white roots are truly shining across the crown of my head, so hubby gets to help return me to my yellow-haired status. Tuesday I get my hair trimmed. Hooray, I can get rid of the sheepdog bangs! Had to resort to a hat today to keep it out of my eyes. Worked like a charm. Fedoralady loves her hats.
But before our drugstore trip we went to Captain D’s for supper. I haven’t eaten out since December so even a trip to a fast food place is really a treat. I am not a great fish lover, but I do like shrimp and I love their chicken tenders at Captain D’s. Oh, it was so good. We were there early and the chicken was fresh and crispy, the baked potato nice and tender, delicious with butter and sour cream, the green beans, seasoned with bacon, so tasty–and the hush puppies. Topped it all off with sweet tea. Yummmmm.  Healthy? Well, not exactly. But it was such a treat, having gone without such food for quite some time.

Afterwards, we took a drive through downtown, where there are some beautiful old churches and homes. The pale purple of the wisteria with those graceful grape-like clusters, the brilliant fuschia, white and soft pink of the azaleas and frilled white buds on the flowering trees–it’s a beautiful time, spring, and right now it is putting on a show.

But I digress. I mentioned Mr. Mulligan and Mr. North.  Visiting  “a creat little seafood place” reminded me of John Mulligan with that impish and irresistible smile, standing on Ellie’s doorstep holding up the fish and chips bag. Talk about special delivery . . .

And the pleasure I found in my meal made me think of Lucas on his return from Russia and his craving for fish and chips, licking chocolate from his fingers after the doughnuts, something familiar, comforting, something that marked normalcy.

I tired out quite easily and the fractured tail bone and lower back began fussing at me again before we could get home. I couldn’t even eat all my meal, but Benny polished off the rest of it for me. (I have only been eating an average of one meal a day recently, so I was filling up fast). I am trying to return to a sense of normalcy in my life. Putting on my warpaint, getting dressed in proper clothes instead of PJs and lounge wear, venturing out into the world again.

Monday night we begin our Photoshop Elements class and Tuesday it’s back to town to get a haircut and brow wax. Practically a flurry of activity!  I haven’t, thank God, been stuck in a prison for eight years, just recovering from a freakish accident for a little less than five months.

Still, it felt very, very good. And the thoughts of two of RA’s gorgeous characters didn’t hurt either.

A Meal Out with Mulligan and Lucas–sort of

Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day . . .


Those charming elfin ears, the green scarf, the crystalline green eyes. Well, Happy St. Paddy’s Day, Gorgeous!

So far in his aquatic adventures, Mr. Armitage has not had to dive into water dyed kelly green. The Chicago River on Saint Patrick‘s Day. This is the real thing, not a Photoshop image, a tradition that started nearly 50 years ago. Image from inspiredwater.com

Like many southerners, I actually am of Scots-Irish ancestry on my father’s side (my dad always talked about the sensitivity  of “fine Irish skin”) and English on my mother’s side. So I don’t have to just pretend to be Irish today.  I found some clever images on Freakingnews.com from a St. Patrick’s Day Contest and thought it would be fun to share them with you on this St. Paddy’s Day. And don’t forget to wear green today, lest you be pinched! (assuming, of course, you don’t want to be pinched . . . wouldn’t mind it if Sir Guy–or Lucas–or Porter–or some other delectable RA character wished to give me a pinch)

Tigerprincess's take on Mona Lisa, who looks a bit different than I remember . . .


OK, it's not kelly green, and he's not a leprechaun, but I would be happy to find this elfin-eared creature at the end of any rainbow.

bmr102 of The Democrats created this lovely St. Paddy's geisha.

Super Sexy Saturday starts with RA’s eye-catching “bad boys” in another new vid


So what do you do when you feel very creative but your hands don’t feel like doing a lot of typing and your eyes are a bit fuzzy for writing?

You make another video where you can look at a lot of pretty pictures of Mr. A’s characters. Obviously.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Check out all the goodies at FanstRAvaganza 3 which ends Sunday.

PS Ever heard of a book called Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, part of a trilogy?  I just downloaded to my Kindle. It’s supposed to be quite a sexy page-turner. I will let you all know what I think. 😉