After years of depravation, those choccie-covered doughnuts must have been absolutely delicious to Lucas. I think I understand in some small way.

Eating supper tonight I could only think of a smiling John Mulligan and his fish and chips bag. Handsome devil.

So I finally got to go out and enjoy a meal with hubby and make that all-important trip to the pharmacy for those necessary items–my medicated shampoo (I have a psoriasis-like scalp condition and can’t do without the stuff), new razors and scented shaving gel, sensitive skin cleansing cloths and most important, another box of John Freida medium golden blonde hair color. Because the white roots are truly shining across the crown of my head, so hubby gets to help return me to my yellow-haired status. Tuesday I get my hair trimmed. Hooray, I can get rid of the sheepdog bangs! Had to resort to a hat today to keep it out of my eyes. Worked like a charm. Fedoralady loves her hats.
But before our drugstore trip we went to Captain D’s for supper. I haven’t eaten out since December so even a trip to a fast food place is really a treat. I am not a great fish lover, but I do like shrimp and I love their chicken tenders at Captain D’s. Oh, it was so good. We were there early and the chicken was fresh and crispy, the baked potato nice and tender, delicious with butter and sour cream, the green beans, seasoned with bacon, so tasty–and the hush puppies. Topped it all off with sweet tea. Yummmmm.  Healthy? Well, not exactly. But it was such a treat, having gone without such food for quite some time.

Afterwards, we took a drive through downtown, where there are some beautiful old churches and homes. The pale purple of the wisteria with those graceful grape-like clusters, the brilliant fuschia, white and soft pink of the azaleas and frilled white buds on the flowering trees–it’s a beautiful time, spring, and right now it is putting on a show.

But I digress. I mentioned Mr. Mulligan and Mr. North.  Visiting  “a creat little seafood place” reminded me of John Mulligan with that impish and irresistible smile, standing on Ellie’s doorstep holding up the fish and chips bag. Talk about special delivery . . .

And the pleasure I found in my meal made me think of Lucas on his return from Russia and his craving for fish and chips, licking chocolate from his fingers after the doughnuts, something familiar, comforting, something that marked normalcy.

I tired out quite easily and the fractured tail bone and lower back began fussing at me again before we could get home. I couldn’t even eat all my meal, but Benny polished off the rest of it for me. (I have only been eating an average of one meal a day recently, so I was filling up fast). I am trying to return to a sense of normalcy in my life. Putting on my warpaint, getting dressed in proper clothes instead of PJs and lounge wear, venturing out into the world again.

Monday night we begin our Photoshop Elements class and Tuesday it’s back to town to get a haircut and brow wax. Practically a flurry of activity!  I haven’t, thank God, been stuck in a prison for eight years, just recovering from a freakish accident for a little less than five months.

Still, it felt very, very good. And the thoughts of two of RA’s gorgeous characters didn’t hurt either.

A Meal Out with Mulligan and Lucas–sort of

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  1. Dear Fedoralady, when life gives you lemons! I hope that you recover quickly and start feeling your old self again! Definatly getting your brows done and fixing up your roots will help. I know that sounds shallow, but on the rarest of occassions when I get sick, what makes me feel the worst is sitting at home in PJ’s and not getting out and about!
    Ang I’m glad you have Lucas and Mulligan there to make you feel better 😉

    • 😀 The weather has been so beautiful and that has helped. I enjoyed seeing all the pretty spring flowers and the bright new grass. We had a long stretch of wet, rainy, dismal weather which flares up my FMS and arthritis and didn’t even allow me to get out and roam around in the yard. And then I kept falling every few days it seemed which sort of hampered the healing of the busted tailbone. There isn’t much you can do for a fractured coccyx except take pain meds as needed, rest and give it time–like six months. It’s been four-and-a=half months. And unemployment compensation doesn’t last forever . . .

      But hey, I couldn’t do much of anything for/by myself initially–I couldn’t get up and go to the bathroom; I had to pee in a bucket and I couldn’t even sit up to do it. It was so great when i could finally use the shower (with a shower bench) and actually wash my hair again. Now I am standing up to do it. After I did my makeup tonight, I looked in the mirror and said, “Not so bad for 51, old girl.” 😉

      It always makes me feel better to get the roots touched up and the brows waxed. Now if I can just manage to get my toenails painted . . . 😀

      • That sounds really tough! I had a period of bad backpain, caused by strutting around on heels. I don’t like taking pain meds and for about a year I’d feel non stop pain. It seems abdurd now, but just shows how you can adjust to just about anything. So enjoy the sun, heat up your bones and have happy thoughts 🙂

        • Back pain can be excruciating. 😦 I have a congenital anomaly I share with my late father–an excessive number of vertebrae in my back. I am 5’6″ but my legs and arms are designed for a woman two inches shorter. 😉 He had back problems most of his life, and it seems I have inherited that, too. I use heat therapy periodically–when I first had my accident, I alternated between ice packs and a heating pad and it helped. I read online where a woman described the same sort of injury that I had as being “more painful than natural childbirth.” I have never given birth, but I know it hurt like nobody’s business. I have never yelled and shrieked and moaned so much without having attained any pleasure 😉 I have been living with the FMS for 17 years now so pain is a regular part of my life. I know it could be worse.

          Summer comes all too quickly here with a lot of hot and humid weather. So I really love the balmy, temperate days we do get, when I can be outside without sweating like the proverbial pig. 😉

  2. Happy you’re feeling good Angie ! I know how difficult it is to recover from an accident.
    We RA’s crazy women got pavlovian responses. Hearing Fish and Chips, they think Mulligan, Cotton (John Thornton), scarf (sweet Harry), leather gloves(sex god GoG), peaches (divine derriere) and so many others … It’s so gooood the Armitage effect !

  3. I’m glad to hear things are improving for you healthwise, Angie, even though it must be frustratingly slow for you recovering from your accident. But it seems it’s given you the perfect opportunity to start this blog, for which I am very grateful!! 😀
    I hope you continue to feel better and that you are able to get out and about more often. RA + spring weather = 🙂

    • Grateful for the blog, I mean, not for your accident! 😦 I was thinking along the lemons/lemonade philosophy that Pinup mentioned!

    • thanks, Mezz and I knew what you meant. 😀 I am afraid I get impatient sometimes with the whole process. But bit by bit I am improving, and yes, getting to start the blog was definitely a good thing. 😀 I figure if you go on an impromptu off-roading expedition, jumping ditches in your Crown Vic, you might want to look for some silver linings in the dark cloud. 😉

  4. I’m glad you’re started to get out and about! Now’s the time to do it…before the heat of a Southern summer!! There’s nothing like a little beauty R and R to help revive your spirit’s, too. I hope your strength steadily returns and you don’t fall again!

    • Exactly, and summer will be here before we know it. It comes early and stays late in this neck of the woods. *sigh* I admit I have this awful fear of falling again and setting myself back again, but I try to be careful and hope for the best. Benny did my hair color for me earlier and I have my newly blonded looks wrapped in a towel, ready to do whatever with it. 😉

    • Yes, it’s funny how absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, it also seems to enhance the taste buds. And of course, I had such a pleasant dining companion. 😀

  5. I’m happy that you had a nice evening out with your hubby, Angie! I’ve been away this weekend at my sister’s so I couldn’t spend as much time reading the blog (and fanfic on Dreamerfiction) as I normally do but I’m back now and enjoying catching up with the comments! Oh,btw, while chatting with my sister and my niece (who’s 17) the topic of “favourite actor- crush” came up (their current favourite is Joe Flanigan – they just LOVE sci-fi). Asked me who mine was and I showed them Richard… And they didn’t get it! Nobody around me seems to get it! I suppose you have to see him in motion and hear his voice and… I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as their crush does nothing for me either. 🙂

    • Don’t worry Judit, nobody around me gets it either! 😦
      My mother rang me last night and she told me she had seen “your heart- throb (I’ve told her I think he’s gorgeous) on something called Striking Back last night on telly. His looks are ordinary, but he was very rugged. Lovely voice.”
      At least at eighty years of age, she can still appreciate Porter’s fine muscular build! 🙂

      • Well, I am glad your mom was at least able to appreciate all the work Richard put into those muscles. 😉 As for being ordinary looking, oh, if only all men were so “ordinary.” *sigh*

      • Oh Mezz, your mum sounds lovely! Even though she said Porter’s looks are “ordinary”! 🙂 I’m sure my mum would love Richard, we had very similar tastes in men! We shared a lot of crushes! 🙂 How I wish she could have seen him…

        • My mother always appreciated a good-looking man, too. In her later years, she would frequently give people hugs when she met them. She was famous for it around here. I could easily imagine her meeting RA, gazing up into his beautiful eyes with her beautiful blue eyes, giving him one of her own incandescent smiles, and saying, “My, what a handsome young man you are! May I give you a hug?” I could imagine him blushing, smiling sweetly and agreeing to said hug. 😉

        • Thankyou Judit, she is, and we’re great friends as well as mother and daughter. We have a lot of giggles together. Mum is vision impaired, so I’m sure if she could only get a good look at Richard she would revise her opinion! We’ve agreed in the past on what constitutes a dishy-looking man. 🙂

          • Mezz, hope you’ll have your mum around for many years to come! 🙂 My mum was my friend and soulmate as well (I read somewhere that you can be soulmates with your parent as well as with your “other half”..)! I miss giggling with her. We used to have so much fun.

          • Oh, Mezz, I just remembered when my mother had her cataracts surgery. Afterwards, she was amazed at how much better she could see. She was living at an assisted living facility by that time and one evening she confided in me, “I didn’t realize how OLD some of these folks looked!” LOL There were some who were considerably older than she was (close to 100). She really used to crack me up sometimes. I miss walking into a room and seeing those lovely eyes light up when she saw me.

            • I wish surgery could help my mother, she has macular degeneration.
              Angie, your mum sounds as though she was a real delight to be around.

              • Mezz, my mom was very special. I really have to get some photos of her scanned in so you all can see her. For her 80th birthday, we threw her a party and surprised her with an Elvis tribute artist. She was sitting there just glowing, a tiara on her head and a hot pink feather boa wrapped around her neck. 😀

                I taught at the State School for the Blind, took a number of master’s level courses in the study of visual impairment and have a sister who is legally blind due to toxoplasmosis, so I am familiar with many of the diseases of the eye. My father-in-law was in the early stages of MD when he passed away, so thankfully it had not progressed too much, and I have some older friends who are dealing with it now.

    • I think it is easier to get the total effect RA has through seeing him in motion and hearing his voice. Still, some people just don’t get it. But that’s OK, I have never seen the enormous allure of Brad Pitt, either. 😉

  6. Glad to hear you were able to get out an about a bit. Sounds like you’re on the mend, even if it a frustratingly slow process. Fish and chips sounds like an excellent choice for a rare fast food treat!

    • Had a doublecheeseburger and fries from Mickey D’s tonight as the class ran later than scheduled. Cheap, fast and tasty. 😉 The chairs are very hard and even with my natural padding, I got uncomfortable in the class tonight. But the worst thing was my left foot and lower leg both went completely numb during the class. Benny had to help me take my shoe off so I could try to get feeling back into it. *rolls eyes* Oh, the things that happen to me . . . anyway, I came home and took a Lortab and muscle relaxer and I am feeling better now. Tomorrow back to town to get my hair trimmed and pick up a couple of things at Wallie World. Looking forward to a bit of pampering. 😀

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