Guy just can’t get no satisfaction


A furious Guy lays into Isabella for interfering with his goal of finally getting rid of Hood once and for all. Yet another plan has gone awry.

After shoving over some furniture and giving a marvelous whipping of the hair, Guy is beginning to calm down. Good Lord knows, he's been thwarted enough times in his life, he should be familiar with the sensation.

I can never think of Guy as out-and-out evil as the Sheriff was, even though the master-at-arms could be brutal and harsh. There was an almost heart-aching vulnerability and gullibility about Guy at times. The sheriff manipulated him, Marian manipulated him; and now his not-terribly-stable sister appears on the scene to manipulate him further.

.Guy’s humanity, his “weakness” as Vasey tells him, is showing again. His fragile-looking sister appealing to his chivalrous instincts, begging him with wide eyes to protect her. We can see the emotions in those expressive eyes of his, in the set of his jaw. In spite of his frustation and rage, Guy is softening to her. Oh Guy, don’t trust her.

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  1. Guy is so spectacularly gorgeous. He can be brutal and harsh because he is sooo needy for love. Those eyes are so expressive and can show such vulnerability. I fall in love with him everytime I see him.

  2. Another scene where Richard takes us through an emotional ringer. We are so wrapped up in his character because we see all of those feelings, both the ones on display, and the ones just glimpsed below the surface! Then we just can’t help falling in love with our struggling Guy! Oh, and the gorgeous man and those hair flips don’t hurt either:) Wow, what a spectacular actor!!!

    • Guy’s humanity, with all his flaws and fears, insecurities, desires, needs, touches us in a very real way. We do care deeply because we become so emotionally invested in this character. I wanted so much for him to have a friend, to have someone to love him. Richard truly brought Guy to life. And no, it didn’t hurt he was so beautiful.

  3. If there is a “best villain ever” award they should give it to Richard for his portrayal of Guy. If there isn’t, well it should be established so they can give it to Richard for his portrayal of Guy! 🙂

  4. Dearest Guy, you gorgeous, hot-in-leather henchman,
    I hear you are a little worried that with the arrival of a certain dwarf king, you will be usurped in our affections…forgotten. Let me reassure you, I will NEVER forget you, and there are many others out there who feel the same way. You have found a permanent place in my heart thanks to the amazing talent of your creator, Mr. Armitage. I will continue to admire you, hurt for you, cheer for you and lust after you.
    My love always,
    Your RAdmirer, Mezz xoxox

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