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Tuesday Threesome: Porter, Lucas & Guy–Soldier, Spy & Sexy Henchman


Guy, furious with Marian over the affair of the necklace, certain she has been lying to him. The chill in those eyes . . . he is positively frightening here.

There's something about Guy with those arms folded across his broad chest that I quite like.

I love a man in uniform, especially when his name is John Portah.
Lucas displaying some of those cat-like moves of his.
Gotta love the look of steely-eyed stoicism in the face of stripping down for a prison guard.

Learning from Richard Armitage


Keep Calm

Mr. Armitage, I don’t just ogle you on my laptop. I also learn from you.
(image from allthingsrarmitage)

On my first grade report card, my teacher wrote something along these lines in the comments section: “Very bright child, but fearful of trying new things.”

Mrs. Atkins hit the nail on the head. I was a bright child, and I was also an anxious and self-conscious child–fearful, yes, fearful of failure, fearful of humiliation, fearful of making a fool out of myself. Over time, I improved, but it wasn’t easy. A lot of important things in life aren’t.

But it’s important to keep doing those tough things if we want to keep growing.

Richard Armitage has kept doing those tough things over the years. I honestly don’t know very many 17-year-old kids who would go off alone to a foreign country to work as he did to obtain his Equity card. I don’t know that many people who have a fear of water, as he does, who would keep auditioning for roles requiring him to be in water–in a mini-sub no less–and volunteer to be water-boarded to add to the realism of his performance not once, but twice. He keeps learning, keeps working, keeps growing. He keeps facing the fear and doing it anyway.

The man who was nervous about riding the spirited Richie ended up looking like he’d been born in the saddle. The man who joked about shaving his head to get rid of his “medieval mullet” was instead given extensions–and boy, did he make them work, baby. Throw major script twists and character overhauls at him–and he takes it all in stride.

I admire Richard so much for so many reasons beyond his beauty and charm and talent and sexiness. As Servetus said in a recent post at her blog, Guy is a durable character. And he was wonderfully crafted by a durable human being named Richard Armitage.

I am a long, long way from being a high-tech person. But sitting in my first Photoshop Elements class tonight, I realized I didn’t suffer from Technologically Impaired Syndrome (TIS) to the extent I once did. “A few years ago, I couldn’t get you near a computer,” my husband said when we got home tonight. “And now–I can’t keep you away from one.”

This will seem quite ridiculous to some of you, but I honestly had this fear of the darned things (computers) blowing up on me. When “fatal error” appeared, I half-way expected men in black ops gear would come crashing through the windows with large weapons, ready to do me in.

If I hadn’t started taking those computer baby steps years ago, and then learned more through my job, and lots from trial and error–well, where would I be?

Probably not blogging, that’s for danged sure. And think of all I would have missed out upon . . . Richard is not just my creative muse, and a grand one.  He is also my mentor. The things you can learn from a lad from Leicestershire.

Screencaps from RANet, Keep Calm photo from Flicker.com

A Hair-Raising Poll: Which RA looks are best-tressed in your opinion?


OK, maybe it’s because my husband’s long curls are now driving him crazy (but as two of our former teachers told him tonight he’s got a beautiful head of hair) and I just got my tresses back to their golden blonde hue AND we are both getting haircuts tomorrow–but Richard’s hair has been on my mind. So I started this post earlier tonight and am finishing up now while Benny and I watch Smash. (It tickles that the man loves The Walking Dead, a show about zombies post-apocalypse and Smash, about the making of a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe. Of course, I like ’em both, too, so we are perfectly matched 😉 ).

I left out Guy’s S1 and 2 hair because in many ways it is like Harry’s hair in terms of floppiness, just longer in the back, but otherwise I tried to offer a good variety of his looks for his different roles.

You can pick up to three looks and feel free to comment about what you love/hate . . . and thanks! 😀

Bond or Baddie — Yea or Nay? (Poll)


Well, hello, Mr. Bond. Or, maybe not.

This subject has been discussed at other blogs but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give you a chance to voice your thoughts here. Every time I see Richard in a tuxedo, I usually find myself thinking of James Bond or some old-time movie star. He looks so dashing, handsome and suave . . . and he’s got the physicality for the role, that’s for sure. But of course, he is also a fantastically gifted actor, multi-faceted. We want to see him win awards for his performances. Can’t remember a Bond movie ever being nominated for Best Actor.
Would playing Bond be a step down for him, a move in the wrong direction?

And then there is the possiblity of playing a Bond baddie–in some cases, they’ve been the most interesting character in certain Bond films. A good villain can, in fact, steal the show (Gisborne, anyone?) So what do you think? Vote in the poll below and feel free to add your comments.

Six actors have portrayed Bond since the first film starring Sean Connery, "Dr. No."

Well-known actors including Christopher Lee, Sean Bean, Robert Carlyle and Toby Stephens have all played roles as baddies in Bond films.