A Hair-Raising Poll: Which RA looks are best-tressed in your opinion?


OK, maybe it’s because my husband’s long curls are now driving him crazy (but as two of our former teachers told him tonight he’s got a beautiful head of hair) and I just got my tresses back to their golden blonde hue AND we are both getting haircuts tomorrow–but Richard’s hair has been on my mind. So I started this post earlier tonight and am finishing up now while Benny and I watch Smash. (It tickles that the man loves The Walking Dead, a show about zombies post-apocalypse and Smash, about the making of a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe. Of course, I like ’em both, too, so we are perfectly matched 😉 ).

I left out Guy’s S1 and 2 hair because in many ways it is like Harry’s hair in terms of floppiness, just longer in the back, but otherwise I tried to offer a good variety of his looks for his different roles.

You can pick up to three looks and feel free to comment about what you love/hate . . . and thanks! 😀

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  1. I love 7 out of the 8, so it looks like this is one poll I won’t be voting on!!! The only one I’m not keen on is the Kruger cut.

  2. @Mezz, same here. The only one I can do without is the Kruger cut too. Otherwise too difficult.

    How many times can I vote? lol

  3. Smash is one of my favorite shows on TV. I love the concept, the music and the superb context of the story within a story. Just love it.

    • I’d love to watch Smash, and it’s just started on one of the Hungarian TV channels but it’s dubbed, darn it! 😦 I refuse to watch it dubbed!

      • I am sorry it’s dubbed yet again. There was one of those films shot overseas with American stars on this afternoon. You could tell many of the other actors were dubbed into English and it was really awkward-sounding. 😦

  4. Sorry but I also found it impossible to choose! I can even handle the Heinz “do” – not when it was slicked down as in CA – just when it looks a bit softer and floppy as in the last picture. Somehow it seems that he can handle any length of hair and still look great!! 🙂

  5. While even his current style looks great on him, I think it’s actually more work to keep than any of the others except for Thorin’s long tresses. Think how much time it takes to shampoo, condition, style and blow-dry all that hair! That dwarf would be in the bathroom for hours…

  6. Seriously, we have to pick! I can’t narrow it down to 3! I’ll take him in all of his many looks, even the no side burns look! (I think probably even bald!! And bald is not attractive to me at all. But on RA…)

  7. I voted for the first 3 options! The Harry haircut remains my favourite (you never forget your first love at first sight, right?), Lucas was my 2nd in line and well, Portah looks just so darned sexy with the short hair so… But I adore him with any hairstyle really, with the possible exception of the Marie Lloyd and Kruger “do’s” , not keen on his hair being slicked down like that.

  8. Short or long I don’t mind but I do like a little fringe do you remember the wet photos with the long spiky bits they are my all time favorite.

    • Oh, yes, I love those photos, too. 😀 There is something about the fringe–when it flops over his forehead, I just want to reach up and stroke it back. It’s endearing somehow.

  9. I voted for Guy, Harry and John Mulligan. I prefer the longer hairstyles. All Guy hairstyles are great, but Guy’s S3 hair is my absolute favourite! I do like all his hairstyles, though; my possibe exceptions are the same as Judit’s. I even like the Monet hair!

    • He can pull off many kinds of looks. His beautiful bone structure and well-shaped skull really helps. God did REALLY good work when he made Richard Armitage. 😀

  10. Okay! I gave in and voted for the first three even though I’m very partial to the new cropped “do”, (just imagining what it would feel like to run my hand over it! *blush* )then of course there is Guy, John Mulligan, . . . . . . .! Oh, I think I’d better quit while I’m ahead!! 😀

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