Learning from Richard Armitage


Keep Calm

Mr. Armitage, I don’t just ogle you on my laptop. I also learn from you.
(image from allthingsrarmitage)

On my first grade report card, my teacher wrote something along these lines in the comments section: “Very bright child, but fearful of trying new things.”

Mrs. Atkins hit the nail on the head. I was a bright child, and I was also an anxious and self-conscious child–fearful, yes, fearful of failure, fearful of humiliation, fearful of making a fool out of myself. Over time, I improved, but it wasn’t easy. A lot of important things in life aren’t.

But it’s important to keep doing those tough things if we want to keep growing.

Richard Armitage has kept doing those tough things over the years. I honestly don’t know very many 17-year-old kids who would go off alone to a foreign country to work as he did to obtain his Equity card. I don’t know that many people who have a fear of water, as he does, who would keep auditioning for roles requiring him to be in water–in a mini-sub no less–and volunteer to be water-boarded to add to the realism of his performance not once, but twice. He keeps learning, keeps working, keeps growing. He keeps facing the fear and doing it anyway.

The man who was nervous about riding the spirited Richie ended up looking like he’d been born in the saddle. The man who joked about shaving his head to get rid of his “medieval mullet” was instead given extensions–and boy, did he make them work, baby. Throw major script twists and character overhauls at him–and he takes it all in stride.

I admire Richard so much for so many reasons beyond his beauty and charm and talent and sexiness. As Servetus said in a recent post at her blog, Guy is a durable character. And he was wonderfully crafted by a durable human being named Richard Armitage.

I am a long, long way from being a high-tech person. But sitting in my first Photoshop Elements class tonight, I realized I didn’t suffer from Technologically Impaired Syndrome (TIS) to the extent I once did. “A few years ago, I couldn’t get you near a computer,” my husband said when we got home tonight. “And now–I can’t keep you away from one.”

This will seem quite ridiculous to some of you, but I honestly had this fear of the darned things (computers) blowing up on me. When “fatal error” appeared, I half-way expected men in black ops gear would come crashing through the windows with large weapons, ready to do me in.

If I hadn’t started taking those computer baby steps years ago, and then learned more through my job, and lots from trial and error–well, where would I be?

Probably not blogging, that’s for danged sure. And think of all I would have missed out upon . . . Richard is not just my creative muse, and a grand one.  He is also my mentor. The things you can learn from a lad from Leicestershire.

Screencaps from RANet, Keep Calm photo from Flicker.com

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  1. Reading this post I thought about my younger brother who up to 12 years of age was afraid of his shadow. Now he serves in anti-terrorist unit. 😉

  2. RA is definitely an inspiration. If he can learn new things, confront his fears head-on, and embrace the demands of a creative profession, while remaining courteous, kind, nurturing, and sensible, maybe we can, too.

  3. He is an inspiration in more ways than One! I would love to actually talk with him about his life, about everything. He is an intelligent, thoughtful, strong man! And add to this everything that Angie and Leigh have said above!! It is any wonder we’re all gaga over him!

  4. Can’t believe he was criticised by a journalist for wanting to be waterboarded. She said it was despicable because he could stop it (the torture) any time. I just don’t see why would this be a “kick in the face” of everybody who has actually been tortured. I’m a 1000 % sure it was never RA’s intention..

    • Of course it wasn’t his intention to slam those who have endured such torture. As a Method actor, he wants to give as authentic a performance as he can, and if he is playing a character who has to undergo such treatment, the best way for him to understand and relate to their experiences, is to walk in their shoes. In no way was that an attack against anyone who has been through that sort of hell. But some people have the oddest notions.

      • My reaction to the article was a bit odd too, I got all worked up and upset on Richard’s behalf, that he of all people should be accused of such a thing! 😦

        • Such comments tend to make us go into full Armitage Protection Mode, don’t they? 😉 Really, anyone who knows much about Richard would likely never have made such an accusation, whether or not they were fans of his acting. I can only assume this journalist knew very little about the man she was making such inflammatory comments concerning. 😦

          • That was me, Judit again.. Dunno why my details disappeared when I made these two comments! I had to re-enter my name and email address. Strange.

          • I was another one in full APM when I read that. I can distinctly remember feeling quite upset that Richard had been criticized like that.

            • One issue I take with it from a reporter’s standpoint is she is editorializing when she makes those kinds of statements and that is not appropriate in the context of what she is writing here.

              • There are always journalists unworthy of the title. Editorializing brainless hacks… These are the same twits who are always asking him about “running away to join the circus” and criticizing him for working as hard as he does and missing when he says something intelligent and thoughtful. I am very familiar with APM myself, but part of me says that the idiots just don’t know what they’re missing. (And then there’s the part of me who wishes I were Nigella with dark chocolate ganache on my mouth, with Richard right there, “Come on, Richard dear, it would be my wish come true, too.”)

  5. I love learning from Richard. He does everything we see with grace and style (and has the wisdom to hide his awkward and clutzy moments!). I’ve always wondered how he keeps confronting the Really Scary Moments over and over again.

    I’m learning from him how he treats his admirers. He knows how to strike just the right balance.

    No wonder he’s so loveable.

    • Hello, LadyH, and welcome!

      He really is a great teacher in life lessons, isn’t he? I would find him very difficult NOT to like and admire and adore. There’s so much more to him than the good looks and talent. There’s a really good human being there.

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