Armitage’s Vernal Magic: TAE Word for the Day

The Fountain of Youth by Lucas Cranach the Elder

The Fountain of Youth by Lucas Cranach the Elder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Postcard from the Fountain of Youth in St. Aug...

Richard in full Boyish Charmer Mode.

A photoartist's conception of the Fountain of Youth. Some have speculated Mr. Armitage is something of a fountain of youth for his devoted admirers.

As noted in a previous post, today is the first day of spring, and our TAE Word for the Day fits right in with the season–and with the subject of this blog.

vernal (adjective) 1. Appearing or occurring in spring 2. Of or pertaining to spring. 3. Appropriate to or suggesting spring; spring-like. 4.Belonging to or characteristic of youth.

It has sometimes been suggested Mr. Armitage has a vernal influence on his fans. We may be past our first bloom, now longer considered fowl of the current season; and yet, in the presence of Richard Armitage’s magical allure–those eyes, those smiles, that voice, that physique, that sweet and charming nature of his–we feel like giddy young schoolgirls again, as frisky as a young colt, full of spit and vinegar with exciting possibilities around every corner. Blondes may not necessarily have more fun; but this blonde has definitely had more fun since RA came into my life.

Richard himself can at times seem amazingly boyish even at 40; he has a very vernal quality to him, wouldn’t you say?

If the vernal Essence of Richard Armitage could somehow be captured and bottled, the man could make an absolute fortune and his dream Richard III project would face no financial difficulties whatsoever.


(Screencap courtesy of RANet, other images Wikipedia)

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  1. Mister Magic Man you put a spell on me !!!!!!!!!! and I am ready to buy your new perfume “vernal Essence of Richard Armitage” at any price.
    Forgive me but it’s the first day of spring and I am feeling a little bit giddy

  2. I wouldn’t mind taking a dip with Mr. RA in a fountain of youth or a fountain of spring or any fountain actually.See, my mind always travels elsewhere…..

  3. Happy Spring! We’re having a one hour fog delay in Southern VA! So I get to look at the hottest guy on the planet for an extra hour! Richard is boyish at times but he’s also mature in many ways. I love that about him. You believe him when he gets the older woman as he has done is a couple of his roles. Because while he looks young, he also has that maturity of character that is so special.

    I’m also enjoying his aging face. He was really great when he was younger, but I’m finding myself preferring his face now!

    He has so many facets, like a beautiful diamond! Hmmmm, diamonds and Richard, two of this girl’s best “friends”!

    • Laurie, I completely agree, Richard has this beguiling combination of maturity and boyishness, I think that’s what makes him so utterly irresistible! 🙂

  4. RA certainly has a vernal influence on me, reading about him, looking at photos of him and watching his work gives me a real “spring buzz”! 🙂

  5. It makes me wonder what the casting directors were thinking of not to cast him in bigger parts in his late 20’s but then he may not be the character he is today if it had been easy. I shudder when I read that he was almost over looked him for N&S because presumably he wasn’t a ‘name’ and they had to look at his audition tape again, its just too terrible to contemplate.

    • Whilst I know it was very discouraging to find himself spending a lot more time laying floors and building bookcases and working the front of house in theaters than actually performing, I do think all the struggles and obstacles he had to overcame ultimately made him a stronger human being. I like to think he was meant to play that role of John Thornton, just as he was meant to play John Standring and really, finally get his foot in the door with casting directors.

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