In spring an RA fan’s fancies turn to . . .


In fact, it happens spring, summer, winter and autumn. RA adds color, beauty, a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air to any day of the year. Still, the spring does offer Mother Nature at her best. And a case of spring fever just makes our RA-itis all the more virulent.


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful. Where did you find the 1st photo of Richard? I can’t remember seeing it before.

    Those photos of him in his baby blue sweater are absolutely gorgeous but I’m so glad he put that weight back on fairly quickly! He was so thin in those first episodes of “Spooks” in 2008 – still beautifully proportioned but too thin. I just wanted to feed him all the choccie donuts he could devour!

    Love those photos and quotes about Spring, too – unfortunately, we’re in Autumn!

    Never mind, our Canberra trees are always pretty at this time of the year. It’s one of the best bits about the southern areas of Australia – all those lovely Autumn leaves of yellow, amber, orange, red, rust and brown. Some leaves almost have a purplish look.

    • The first photo I snaffled from Allthingrarmitage. It’s a cropped shot from one of the magazine covers when Strike Back was being promoted. Yes, I always felt as if I needed to urge him to eat an extra sandwich or two and plenty of choccie donuts. He’s a big man, after all, and he needs plenty of fuel.

      Yes, I did think about you guys having opposite seasons . . . but autumn can certainly be a beautiful time of the year.

  2. Oh, man, that neck and especially the whiteness of the skin at the top of the chest. I want to touch! Just imagine stroking it gently – I’m sure his eyes would close softly and he’d groan in ecstasy!


    Stop it, Kathryn…it’s totally unseemly in a woman of your vintage! Most inappropriate.

    • Please don’t stop Kathryn! I was really enjoying your “imagining”!! As I believe I am of an even older vintage than yourself I don’t think it unseemly in the least. In our minds, thanks to him, we are years and years younger and can think what we like!! The things he does to and for us!!! 😀

  3. LOL@RA-itis. Another great word.

    Isn’t there a sweetness captured in the photos where he is wearing that blue sweather that practically matches his eyes. He looks so nice and kind.

  4. I’m fascinated by the first photo. Beautiful, beautiful man, I’m singing now “you are the sunshine of my life !”

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