Infatuation Wednesday: Celebrating “The Armitage Effect”


Infatuated with Harry's floppy hair, cozy jumpers and the way he's looking at the vicar . . . *sigh*

Infatuated with the beauty of Early Morning Lucas--mussed hair, sexy stubble, sleepy blue eyes.

Infatuated with the way Porter rocks the scarf.

Infatuated with Thorin's amazing mane of hair. And those braids.

Infatuated with the way Sir Guy fills out his leather so--admirably.

This is a vid exclusive to Vimeo that I made a few months ago, using Rod Stewart‘s Infatuation which seems to be a common feeling amongst RA’s fans.

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)

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  1. I’m still infatuated with Epiphanes, let alone the later roles! He really rocked that toga, even if the movie sucked!

    Loved the video, as well as all those pretty pics above. And I still like to listen to Rockin Rodney on occasion. I can’t believe it’s almost 18 years since I saw him on stage in Canberra. I think it was the same year I saw The Eurythmics…. and Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton. Loved them all!

    • I have a great Rod Stewart story to tell you. I wrote a feature story for one of our magazine issues about a man who is building a recreation in miniature of his hometown and its surroundings to go with his extensive model train collection. He actually made model trains for selected clients, including, yes–Rod Stewart. Turns out Rod is a true model train geek. When he travels on tour, he has his model train paraphernalia packed up, too, and he unpacks it all in each hotel room so he can play. Rod’s done some extremely detailed layouts of cities and towns–I saw photographs of his work in a model train magazine.

      This local gentleman has actually met Rod who has visited here. “He showed up in jeans and a leather jacket and a baseball cap and he seemed just like anybody around here–until he started talking in that British accent, of course.” 😉 And that’s my celebrity story for the day. It IS a small world, after all.

      • Nice story, Angie, thanks for sharing! 🙂 My 4 year old godson is crazy about model trains! He’s already got a beginner’s set for building a model railway. It’s quite an expensive hobby…

        • It is a very expensive hobby if you really get into it big-time. This gentleman said Rod basically tours so he can afford to keep paying for his model train addiction. 😉

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