Welcome, Spring!


(image by elvira sweeney)

Today marks the first day of spring. We could experience a record high here of 86 degrees F.  The pollen counts are high and I’m out of my allergy meds, so I need to pick up more tomorrow. Still, the blue skies and balmy breezes we’ve experienced of late is worth even sinus heachaches and sneezing attacks. So to celebrate the new season, here are some pretty photos.

(screencaps by RANet, florals via Google Images)

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  1. Hooray for spring, especially with RA! Here, spring has definitely sprung with the almond and fruit trees blooming abundantly. Of course, the orange blossoms that are budding now will bloom by Holy Week, when their heavenly scent is everywhere. The birds are going crazy, singing enough to drown out the chickens in the morning. But it’s still 0 degrees C on the train platform at 8:00 a.m.

  2. Oh my…spring and RA. Does not get better than this. It is also a beautiful morning in my neck of the woods. Perhaps a sign of all the good things to come.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Beautiful artwork by Elvira. The penultimate picture.. Those eyes! They’re hypnotizing! The Force is with him, I think he must be a Jedi. Let’s hope the Dark Side will never get hold of him! 🙂

  4. We skipped right over winter down here. The spring-breakers who have been coming to the beach since the first week of March are certainly happy campers, and the snowbirds who have left this month are also glad to be going home to unusually warm late winter/early spring temps.

    • We had about a week of winter here, I think. Yeah, it’s been great for the spring breakers. Benny said he saw where in some parts of New England it has been running 40 degrees above normal.

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