Richard Causing Conniptions? TAE Word for the Day


Poor Sir Guy. He was always having to deal with the Treacherous Troll’s fits of anger, which all too often ended up directed at him because he was so easy to blame for everything.
Which brings us to our word for the day.
conniption: (noun) A fit of hysterical excitement or anger.
Conniption is an invented word, which first appeared in the good ol’ USA in 1833. It may be related to “corruption” which was used in the sense of “anger” in the early 19th century.

The sheriff had yet another conniption screeching at Sir Guy over Bobbin and the gang sneaking into the castle yet again and stealing the treasure yet again and making him look like a fool–yet again. Really, did they have to do a lot of thinking to come up with plots for this show?

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    • Sir Guy gets so good at handling frustration, he could have done MY job. And then I would get a chance to comfort the poor dear.

    • It was one seriously stressful, difficult, tiring job (look at how much running he had to do, up and down stairs, across courtyards, chasing Hoodie and the boyz) with the Boss from Hell. I assume he was well-paid–that would have been an important incentive for Guy to stay on and suffer all the humiliation heaped on him by the troll.

  1. Sorry to talk about the TT but I seem to remember he lost a tooth on the right side not the left? (not that it matters…)

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