Wet Richard, Spring Rain: Both Inspiring



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  1. That photoshoot of Richard with the wet Guy-hair is fabulous, especially the black and white ones, which emphasise his beautiful bone structure IMO.
    *sigh* He really is THE most gorgeous man…inside and out.
    I dreamt of him last night, fleetingly, but he kissed me! I woke up straight after with a big grin on my face, but trying to hang onto that image in the light of day though is proving very frustrating!

    We’ve had four seasons in 24 hours here, usually autumn is much more stable weather-wise. Woke up to a warm balmy morning yesterday, by lunchtime it was cold, wet and windy. We had a cold night with the first real frost for ages this morning and now it’s becoming a typical beautiful, mild autumn day. Snow is expected on the peaks tomorrow!

    • Yes, those Red Wet Hair photos will always be among my favs. While color shows off those baby blues and lovely complexion, B&W has that classic look and as you say, showcases his elegant bone structure. Kudos to the photog for coming up with the concept for the pix!! Congrats on the RA dream! I know what you mean about wanting to hang on to the image. (sigh)

      Mother Nature can be very capricious at times, can’t she? When we lived in Rapid City, South Dakota, you only had to wait a few hours at times for a tremendous change. There was no major body of water nearby to moderate temps. One summer day it was over 100 degrees and the next day, it was 50. I got out my cardigan and fired up the furnace. I was freezing!!

      • It happens very, very rarely for me, jhezser, unfortunately. 😦
        I woke up straight after, so for once it was very clear in my mind; he didn’t have his beard. If I was only going to dream of him for a few seconds, then needless to say being kissed was a beeeoootiful way to spend those few seconds!!

      • Just read on another post that it’s you Judit!
        Does registering with gravatar mean a name change? I’ve been seriously thinking of getting the same avatar as I have on YouTube, but if I can’t be Mezz, I don’t think I’ll bother!!

        • Mind you, looking at your lovely new avatar, and angie’s, and having seen the other RA ones out there, it’s veeerrry tempting!

          • I had to give a username when I registered at Gravatar, and to be honest I didn’t even think of trying to register with just “Judit” as it’s quite a common name, so I thought there was no chance that it was still available. And after registration there was a message that my user name will be permanent so I took that to mean that I can’t change it. C’est la vie. 🙂 Hezser is my surname, btw.

            • Thanks for that info Judit. I’ll have more of a think about it. There’s a very good chance Mezz is already in use.

  2. How does he manage to look so delicious when he is wet when someone else would just look like a drowned rat?? I think the eyes have a lot to do with it and the lovely bone structure as has already been mentioned.
    I read a comment recently where someone wondered why he isn’t a lot more famous than he is. It puzzles me no end too, but for his sake I hope The Hobbit will finally bring him the acclaim he so richly deserves!

    • I wonder if part of it is he isn’t well known yet here in America, although that is changing with the interest in The Hobbit. And a big part of the reason he isn’t well known yet is very little of his work has been aired here and his role in CA was a small one. I am keeping my fingers crossed that once The Hobbit hits theatres, some of his previous work may start popping up (oh, come ON BBC America. All we’ve ever gotten out of you was RH, for which I am eternally grateful. But you can get both ITV and Beeb shows, you’ve done it before and we really DON’t need endless hours of Top Gear, Gordon Ramsey and endless repeats of the same five movies. *rolls eyes* Support your native uber-talented hottie!!

      • We have the same problem with BBC Canada with the “endless hours of Top Gear”; The Graham Norton Show; etc. etc. I know they have to have a certain amount of Canadian content too but come on!! Give us some diversity! There is very little to interest me on it I have to say which I think is very poor. Some of the other channels we get here do air British shows including our local “Knowledge Network” channel which gives us some excellent British programming including great dramas as well as series – and all commercial free which is just wonderful! 🙂 At the moment on Friday evenings we have “Ballykissangel” followed by “Poirot”; Saturday evenings, “Heartbeat” and “Midsomer Murders” and on Sundays, “Monarch of the Glen” and “Lewis”. So naturally I help support this channel financially as they do listen to viewers input!

        • A lot of British shows, both comedy and drama, that were originally on our ABC, have moved over to other channels, and are now complete with commercials, which drive me nuts. The Graham Norton Show is one of the latest to move, so I don’t watch it any more unless I record it.
          Unless there’s something I really want to see, most evenings now I watch a dvd, read, or sit at my laptop.

  3. I showed my 17 year old niece some of these wet pictures last weekend. She said “he looks as if somebody hit him in the eye!” ! Can you believe it???

  4. Thank you, just in from work and spotted the wet photos and gave a little snigger thought I must respond as I expressed that they were close to my heart. I went to see the Daniel Radcliffe film Woman in Black this week and couldn’t help but be jealous of the the screen time he had, RA really needs a director who will put him centre stage………..I live in hope

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