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Early start on Guyday Friday: Sheriff at last, if not for long


We saw Guy finally achieve his dream of being named the Sheriff of Nottingham after killing the sheriff and doing away with Isabella and Robin. Or so he thought. Guy, oh Guy–you have to stick around and make sure the dead are really DEAD. Still, for a few brief, shining moments, you were the Big Man on Campus in Nottingham. And power looked good on you.  (screencaps courtesy of RANet)

He's done the prince's bidding, slaved away for years under the poisonous troll Vasey, doing his dirty work, collecting his blood money. Guy doesn't want to wait any longer.

The sheriff is dead, along with Isabella and Hood. Now Guy's time has come.

There's an almost child-like glee--the kid at Christmas opening his longed-for present--as Guy looks at the castle's keys finally in his own beautiful hands.

He can barely believe it has finally happened.

PJ introduces Guy as the new sheriff. At long last . . .

That rare thing. A true grin on Guy's face. It won't last long, but it's lovely to see it whilst it does.

Dessert with Richard (or is that On Richard?)


I just got my April issue of Southern Living Magazine in the mail today. It’s a great mag, lots of info about southern culture, food, decor, travel, gardens and more. Speaking of food, they regularly offer images of mouth-watering “foodporn”–in the case of the front cover this time, a fresh strawberry meringue cake that looks to die for.  Benny whipped up my usual nighttime serving of Activia yogurt into a delicious and nutritious strawberry smoothie–a milkshake without the guilt. We are already planning to make the strawberry chicken salad recipe featured inside the mag. Yummmm!

The sweet temptation of a fresh strawberry.

Now, I personally find strawberries-fresh, ripe, sweet, juicy red strawberries–quite delicious with chocolate.

A juicy berry dipped in sweet, creamy chocolate . . .

And chocolate makes me think of Mr. A with his deep, rich, delicious chocolate velvet voice.

Is that a naughty twinkle I see in those eyes and that smile? Gosh, I hope so.

Hmmmm, chocolate, strawberries and Richard. Let’s add in some whipped cream, shall we?

Homemade chocolate fudge cake, fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce and real whipped cream. And Richard.

I am sure you all can take it from here. Carry on . . .

"Hmmmm, wonder what those fangurlzzz will come up with? They are VERY inventive . . ."

He Ain’t Tall, But He’s My Hairy Hottie: Some Thorin for Thursday


Thorin Oakenshield: brave, determined, fierce, heroic, an amazing warrior and uncrowned king.

Who is also very hairy and on the short side. Well, he is a dwarf, after all.

And I love him from the top of his long-maned head with its charming pointy ears to the tips of his boot-shod feet.
You might say Thorin is my hairy hottie. *sigh* And I think he’s just dreamy.
“I will follow him, wherever he goes . . .”

Oh, Thorin, you look so fine on that shaggy pony of yours! 😉

I love the expression on Thorin's face here and the stance. So---Guy-like!

I wonder if Thorin's Creator ever finds himself getting a crick in his lovely neck from the unaccustomed need to look up at other actors for a change?

He may be vertically challenged, but Thorin stands tall in the realm of Middle-Earth.

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)

In a Monet Mood: Lights & Shadows


Richard as a luminous Monet. The blue eyes never looked more otherworldly beautiful as in this role.

John Singer Sargent captured Monet at work, the lovely Camille reposing in the background.


By now many of you know I love the work of the Impressionist painters–and of Richard’s incandescent performance as the passionate, dedicated, hardworking artist, Claude Monet. If you are familiar with Monet’s work and with Richard’s performance in The Impressionists, these images will strike a chord with you. Seeing that blue smock makes me smile.

Manet captured this portrait of Claude and his little family in the garden at Argentuil.

(screencaps courtesy of RANet & RichardArmitageCentral)

I have also included my second Monet video, which incorporates actual quotes from the artist himself and images of his paintings along with screencaps from the series, paired with Yo-Yo Ma’s poignant cello. It’s bittersweet, not unlike Monet’s own life with its “lights and shadows.”
Not surprisingly, I find it one of my most artistic videos. How can you go wrong with Richard Armitage, Claude Monet and Yo-Yo Ma (and in HD)?

In a romantic mood: Richard Armitage & Ladies in “Pretty Thing”


A clearly over-the-moon Gerri--and can we blame her one whit?

How could one resist such a glorious man looking at you like that?

Ah . . . if only things had been different.

Last year, I found this sweet, lively little song on iTunes, performed by Steve Miller and used it to make a vid dedicated to all the “hopeful romantics” out there. It features Harry, Thornton and Guy and their lovely ladies, and everyone–even Guy and Marian–get their happy ending.

A storm’s a-brewin’: the volatile Sir Guy


Sure, he sneers, snarls, sniffs and walks around with a face like thunder. But a good storm can be fascinating–if frightening–to watch. Especially when the thunder and lightning come in that tall, smouldering leather-clad package known as Sir Guy of Gisborne. I am sure you’ll agree . . .
(Guy screencaps courtesy of RANet)


(mississippi red cross)