A storm’s a-brewin’: the volatile Sir Guy


Sure, he sneers, snarls, sniffs and walks around with a face like thunder. But a good storm can be fascinating–if frightening–to watch. Especially when the thunder and lightning come in that tall, smouldering leather-clad package known as Sir Guy of Gisborne. I am sure you’ll agree . . .
(Guy screencaps courtesy of RANet)


(mississippi red cross)

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  1. I love Guy being in thundering rages. I love him angry. I love him baring his teeth. I love him snarling. I love his nasty temper. And he’s always so beautiful !
    I’m off the topic but yesterday I’d the giggles reading this fanfic and would share it.
    Did you ever read it ? Drunk Guy is sooo cute !

  2. That moment where Guy runs back and screams in Alan’s face, it’s so mean and childish it makes me laugh every time. No one makes snarly and pissy so sexy as Guy.

  3. Is it pathetic of me that I took one look at that pic of Guy screaming in Allan’s face and knew exactly what he said? “Get my horse!”
    I love that scene; Guy is all smouldering determination to see Marian and bring her back, and Allan is full of cheek. 🙂

    • I loved Allan’s cheekiness, his pragmatism. His flaws made him much easier to take than the sanctimonious Preachy or smug little git Robin, who had their flaws, too, but wouldn’t have admitted it. No, not sad, Mezz–just a dedicated fan. 😉

  4. I loved the Guy and Allan relationship. I think both actors worked really well off of each other. Besides making me fan myself, Guy also made me laugh. He really was a wonderful sexy character.

    • I loved Guy and Allan, too. Joe as Allan was my favorite outlaw anyway, and yes, he and Richard played well off one another and had some wonderful scenes together. I really hated it when Allan went back to the gang. He was the closest thing Guy had to a friend. And next to Guy’s death, the thing that most upset me was the way they killed off Allan–shot in the back. 😦

        • I’m not bein’ funny, but I really loved the character of Allan. I also enjoy writing him as a fanfic character (actually I love writing Vasey, even thought I despise the little varmint. But you can create some great lines for him and kill him off in creative ways! muhahahahahaha) . . . the fact poor Allan got shot in the back whilst trying to get back and warn the very people who turned him out as a traitor after Issie framed him just really upset me.

  5. Here, when a storm off the Med meets a storm coming off the Atlantic, it’s all El Greco skies — just gorgeous! But, with apologies, I’d rather watch Guy, especially as he channels the kind of anger I least admire in myself and he looks so wonderful doing it.

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