Early start on Guyday Friday: Sheriff at last, if not for long


We saw Guy finally achieve his dream of being named the Sheriff of Nottingham after killing the sheriff and doing away with Isabella and Robin. Or so he thought. Guy, oh Guy–you have to stick around and make sure the dead are really DEAD. Still, for a few brief, shining moments, you were the Big Man on Campus in Nottingham. And power looked good on you.  (screencaps courtesy of RANet)

He's done the prince's bidding, slaved away for years under the poisonous troll Vasey, doing his dirty work, collecting his blood money. Guy doesn't want to wait any longer.

The sheriff is dead, along with Isabella and Hood. Now Guy's time has come.

There's an almost child-like glee--the kid at Christmas opening his longed-for present--as Guy looks at the castle's keys finally in his own beautiful hands.

He can barely believe it has finally happened.

PJ introduces Guy as the new sheriff. At long last . . .

That rare thing. A true grin on Guy's face. It won't last long, but it's lovely to see it whilst it does.

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  1. That smile in #3 shows a little crack in Guy’s facade IMO, revealing his vulnerability, that what he has been working so hard for, tolerating Vasey, being at his beck and call, has finally paid off. Then in the last two pics, confident, smirking Guy is back. Richard is amazing, so many emotions in a few frames.

    • Absolutely agree. We see that chink in his swaggering, leather-clad armor–the vulnerable man with his insecurities and his deep need to reclaim the wealth and glory of his family name. Richard gave us those glimpses beneath and made us want so much to see Guy succeed and to find some measure of happiness.

  2. Ah Guy Friday. I have lost me job this week second time in 18 months so these pictures have really cheered me up. Oh how love Guy sigh – thud

    • AJ, I am truly sorry to hear about your job. You know I lost mine quite out of the blue last fall, so I understand. Glad to know I–well, Guy and I–helped in some small way. 😀

  3. @ Mezz You are sooo right about your analysis of those pics. That smile almost breaks my heart, especially knowing what’s in store for Guy!

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