In a Monet Mood: Lights & Shadows


Richard as a luminous Monet. The blue eyes never looked more otherworldly beautiful as in this role.

John Singer Sargent captured Monet at work, the lovely Camille reposing in the background.


By now many of you know I love the work of the Impressionist painters–and of Richard’s incandescent performance as the passionate, dedicated, hardworking artist, Claude Monet. If you are familiar with Monet’s work and with Richard’s performance in The Impressionists, these images will strike a chord with you. Seeing that blue smock makes me smile.

Manet captured this portrait of Claude and his little family in the garden at Argentuil.

(screencaps courtesy of RANet & RichardArmitageCentral)

I have also included my second Monet video, which incorporates actual quotes from the artist himself and images of his paintings along with screencaps from the series, paired with Yo-Yo Ma’s poignant cello. It’s bittersweet, not unlike Monet’s own life with its “lights and shadows.”
Not surprisingly, I find it one of my most artistic videos. How can you go wrong with Richard Armitage, Claude Monet and Yo-Yo Ma (and in HD)?

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  1. The music, Monet’s paintings, luminous Richard Armitage is pure beauty.
    Beau travail, Angie and I love your artistic video !

    • Thank you. 😀 Yes, Richard truly personifies the sensitive, passionate artist in this. How can one not love Monet in this ? I was quite pleased with the finished product.

  2. I don’t know why but the more I watch these Monet-clips the more I like RA’s Monet-hair! 🙂 Beatiful paintings in this post, thank you Angie!

    • Must be the magic of the Armitage Effect, Judit. 😀

      I hope no one tires of the art-inspired posts. Art has always been a big part of my life and sometimes just studying a wonderful painting or artistic photograph really inspires me.

      • Don’t worry about it Angie, I can assure you, I for one will never get bored with Monet and co.’s art! They make life bearable along with RA, of course… 🙂

        • 😀 Thanks, jherzser. I do notice search engine terms that frequently turn up in my stats have to do with Monet, Renoir, Impressionist artists, etc. so I am hoping to put art lovers in the frame about Mr. A’s marvelous performance as M. Monet. 😀

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