I love Guy when he’s bein’ all bad-ass and wolfish, don’t you?


The darkening eye, the flash of white teeth and those strong, nimble fingers. The wolf is after its prey. I think I would come out and play with this Big Bad Wolf if he asked . . .

Oh, those big, beautiful--and sometimes lethal-- hands. And the glimpse of those piercing eyes.

Ah, the floppy hair and the dangerous glint in those kohl-rimmed eyes.

The wolf shows off his sharp claw.

Thwarted yet again. And still sexy as ever.

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  1. What’s also interesting is that he LOVES to play the bad guy!! He can really sink his teeth into those kinds of characters and show his acting chops!! Still, it doesn’t matter if he’s being good or bad, he’s sooo much fun to watch!! (I just wish those characters didn’t die so often!)

    • I think perhaps because he is such a sweet, gentle good guy in Real Life, it is a greater challenge for Richard to play baddies–and he seems like a guy who loves a good challenge. 😉 And it’s fun to explore those darker elements of human nature. Plus it must be a great way to exorcise any demons haunting you (for example, rubbishy scripts? Lifeless “love interests”? ) I think we need more bad guys who survive, don’t you??

  2. I suppose the bad boy roles provide him with an outlet for his “filthy temper” so that he can be nice and sweet in real life! 🙂

  3. I would play with the big bad wolf any time he asked (or commanded in a very barking tone, more like LOL). Heck, feminist as I am, I’d even respond promptly and favourably to Guy’s demand to ‘beg’ and ‘fetch’ too, I fear.

    As much as I love the bad boy roles (and, oh boy, do I love them! *thud*) I definitely think they need to up their survival rate in future.

  4. I love how he does the bad boy!
    I really go crazy for the first two screencaps. The first one is “ShiningGisborne” for me (same Jack Nicholson’s scene, different allure).
    The second is “NightmareGisborne” or “GisborneKrueger”, as you prefer. LOL!

    • He doesn’t scare me when he’s ripping through the wood as Jack does The Shining–it’s more dangerously exciting. And RA does the bad boy so very, very well.

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